Small laptop performance tips in Adobe Premiere Pro

Small laptop performance tips in Adobe Premiere Pro

VideoRevealed receives many questions about system performance and specifically how laptops can be made to work better with Premiere Pro. Although there is no way to magically make an under powered laptop more powerful, there are ways to to tweak your workflow to make your editing experience more fluid. This tutorial will show you speed improvements including working with SSDs, why RAM is important and how CPU speed works with compressed footage.

Blackmagic Disk Speed Test

Windows – Look for **Download Only** in the bottom left corner of the window that pops up.
Install the complete Desktop Video software and Disk Speed Test will also be installed.

G-Technology super fast disk drives!

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Check out the NVIDIA RTX Studio

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  1. I am going to by a laptop with i3 8th gen, 8gb ram, 120ssd(upgrade soon), 746 display. Is it possible to use premiere pro?? I am seeing a lot that 746(hd display) can't run premiere pro

  2. cc 2018 -cc2021 is probably made by amateur developers and software engineers its the worst version you can ever use, sure they are a lot of new feature but for scrubbing and editing a file without any grade at all and not be able to do it fluidly on a beast machine is a bastardization to every editor. We are in the era where Bonafide skills individuals are all a dream.

  3. Hey! Amazing video.. why does my laptop become overheat and make so much noise when I run Premiere Pro.. will that affect my laptop's longevity? BTW, I have intel i5 2.4GHz, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM with 2GB Nvidia mx450 GPU

  4. Hello Great Video! Can I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit 4K or 1080P Videos with my laptop… Intel Core i7-6500,up to 3.1GHz, Nvidia Geforce Gtx(950M), 12 GB RAM, Windows 10, 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD. Thank you!

  5. Will downgrading your Premiere Pro to an older version(like CC 2014) help? I'm new to video editing and am trying to learn premiere and have a very old pc.I surely plan to upgrade later but right now I can't afford to.Will it run a bit better if I install an older verion like Premiere CC 2015 or 14 or even 13?Please someone answer?

  6. I want to know that Nvidia GeForce MX330 2 GB GDDR5 graphics will support video editing softwares like adobe premiere pro and filmora ? And what will be the performance if it will support ?

  7. Good day sir, thank you for your work. Premiere Pro cs6 User Interface on my 3840x 2160 40" display fills the screen but the text is tiny and unreadable. Have you encountered this problem before and would you have any suggestions. Thank you and grateful for your time.

  8. I just want to ask for Real life experienced using Premiere Pro and After Effect with these specs:-

    intel core i5 6200u 2.80ghz
    intel hd 520 graphic
    8gb ram ddr4
    256gb ssd
    1Tb hdd

    I wish i just can run on it smoothly because i didnt consider to edit heavy footage. Just light to medium editing. Thanks

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