NOW is the iPad Pro a Computer??

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We gave the iPad Pro a bit of a harsh review. Does installing iPadOS make it any better as a laptop replacement?

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  1. 7:43 so as far as Tim is concerned, if I prefer to use a mouse, I'm handicapped (yes I know its politically incorrect, no I will not honour the at best irrelevant and at worst pathological euphemism). Honestly, I would be mad, except Tim apple has pulled this sort of arrogant nonsense so often that now it's just boring (no less unacceptable though)

  2. Apple is not trying to make the iPad more like a computer — They originally back when they first released MAC OS X in 1999 tried to make a radical shift in how the operating system functioned. At the time the Mac community of users gave major backlash to Apple as a result. So between the Beta and the Public Preview and the final release of Mac OS X 10.0 Apple shifted to add back in MANY, many traditional Mac OS (Classic) features they had originally scrapped because the userbase essentially rebelled. Steve Jobs set this plan in motion himself 20 years ago. Right after that they began testing the precursors to the iPhone. And Apple's direction was to start a clean break on what eventaully became known as iOS and sold the bill of goods to a wider generalized audience that ended up buying iPhones outside of Apple's traditional desktop userbase. When the iPhone customers became larger than and Apple's revenue from iPhones surpassed it's revenue from desktops — it was in a position to reintroduce ALL of the changes it initially wanted to make 7 years earlier as an "alternative" platform – iOS. Fast forward 13 years later to ±2020 … and Apple is now advancing those features on the platform that it tightly controls — iOS and introducing them as "hey this feature is just like on iOS but now you can do it on your desktop" bullshit to a platform that it develops but does not have as tight control over because of the era desktop software was developed in. This has ALWAYS bee4n their intention but since the direct approach failed they opted for a long game that is paying off (since the iPhone turned out to become so popular). So they are essentailly backdooring the alternative fucntionality they planned back onto their desktop platform by placating to the new userbase that doesn't give a crap that they are as restricted as they really are using iOS while shafting the Mac community who prefers the ability to have full contol over a product that the end user owns outright. Eventually which will result in Apple managing to force a walled garden around MAC OS and anyone that complains, Apple simply won;t care or listen to them anymoire since those people are a subset of their revenue and if APple loses those people to Linux (or god forbid Windows) and they see a tiny dip in their revnue – who gives a shit.

  3. Does the poster realize that APple is calling the instances "Spaces" because that is what they are called on the desktop version that has been in place for well over a decade ? Calling them Windows — does not correctly clarify what they actually are — might as well tell your viewers that they are essentially secondary "desktops" to switch between — because that's what Spaces is. AND TO BE FAIR — MS WORD on Windows doesn't allow you to open multiple Documents natively on their own OS (without complications)

  4. Apple proclaiming that tablets are the future of MAINSTREAM computing — is prophecy since they are the manufacturer and if they call EOL on laptops and stop making them and only make tablets … can't argue with that much. Mainstream being the operative word. There will still continue to be a niche class for production environments that need more capability and flexibility than a tablet can provide.

  5. They clearly don't give two flippin craps about what their dang users want and instead are bent on forcing you to spend more money and work within their vision. Basically, a giant middle finger to you and your hard earned money.

  6. You cannot so that the Apple iPad will replace a computer however it can replace at least 70% of it and when I say computer I'm talking about PCs because every electronic device is some kind of computer all said and done. Having said that it depends on the user case so some people can use it as a PC if it's for productivity purposes and light photo editing and video purposes and most people don't even use PCs for that apart from browsing so in that scenario it can replace simple as that it's whether you want that kind of ecosystem with Apple

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