MSI X460DX Thin & Light Notebook Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

This thing is built like a tank. Honestly I think many users are starting to get tired of buying a notebook purely based on the spec. The huge number of people buying Apple notebooks really demonstrates this trend. OSX ain’t that special, so why are they buying them?

I’m not saying the X460DX is comparable to a Macbook in terms of build quality, but the cost is competitive, and the build quality is excellent for a sub $1000 price point notebook.


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  2. lol, you're funny siskow98. Just take one look at the graphics cards and Dell fails. To speak of, currently only their 15" xps model parallels this, however is $200 more.

  3. Do MSI laptops have that SB CPU – throttling issue? If so (likely), what steps have they implemented to give the user a chance to fix it/cut it down?

    How's the trackpad in browsing?

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