Lightroom Quick Tips – Episode 4: Share Images From Laptop to Desktop

This is the fourth episode of a new series where I give a single, quick Lightroom tip.

Ok, I probably should have done this in my Learn Lightroom 5 series because this video turned out to be a bit longer than I intend the videos to be for Lightroom Quick Tips but here it is nonetheless.

Many of us keep our main Lightroom Library on our desktop — Often though, we take our laptop on vacation or on location and edit images in Lightroom on the laptop. Have you ever wondered how to get the edited images off of the laptop and into our main library on our desktop? Well, I explain how it’s done in this video.

This and future episodes of Lightroom Quick Tips can be viewed here:

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  1. Great Video and very instructive. Thank you. If I understood you copied the catalog files from one catalog to another. What did you do with the original photos? Transfer them also to your hard drive?

  2. These videos are wonderful, clear, succinct and very helpful.. thank you. question on this one:"Sharing from Laptop to Desktop: if we already worked on the files we could just export and copy to desktop. is this just so we can edit more if we'd like to, in Lightroom, and/or to have in our catalogue to have and/or to edit in the future?

  3. Super helpful series. I was doing just that today -working on laptop on a few images, wondering how I could get them back onto my "mother ship" machine intact, and voila this video walked me through it.

  4. Easy to listen to, clear step by step process and helpful to beginners especially, but good reminders for those of us who forgot or overlooked these tips. Thanks for taking your time to help the community. Now subscribed.

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