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  1. These things actually surprised me. Even though the price point is kind of high, they have plenty of power for most users, though I wish they had more storage options, but if that's a big deal, the Gigabyte BRIX Pro is probably the best option for you. One downside is the 1st generation had minor overheating issues. On top of that the chassis build quality is astonishing, just to put that out there. Has a well built premium feel unlike previous small form factor PCs.

  2. While I think this thing is amazing and really neat, so much so that I would love to buy one! I have one problem with this device, the video, and intel's marketing. I keep hearing this word "desktop" and how it is just like a "desktop" and how it performs like a "desktop" the only semblance this thing has to a desktop is the lack of built in keyboard and display… the most advanced model of this thing I found contained a Core i5 3427U which is nowhere near a desktop CPU in fact that CPU is most commonly used in ultrabooks meaning it is super low power and quite weak clocking in at 1.8Ghz. continuing on this doesn't even have a discrete GPU just intel 4000 while while also not terrible it is nothing like a desktop and doesn't even come close to most good laptops. While I fully understand the limitations of this form-factor and technology it is wrong to market this as a desktop level machine. The total power of this thing is worse than many ultrabooks which puts it performance as very disappointing if you were looking for a desktop. It's cool! I want it! but it is no desktop or even laptop.

  3. As always a great video Linus! Really informational. One question though. The NUC doesn't have a dedicated Headphone/Mic jack does it? The standard sound output is via the HDMI but there's no 3.5 mm jack on it right?

  4. as i said before everyone knows the nuc isnt for performance. for 300 dollars you can get a laptop that has better value then the nuc. understanding what a rip off is in this world goes a long way

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