Incredibly Useful Samsung DeX Tips!

The first 1000 people who click the link in the description will get 2 free months of Skillshare Premium: As someone who has a desktop PC and a laptop, I still find myself being drawn to the concept of my phone doubling as a computer too. I’ve essentially created a whole 2nd workspace with my Galaxy Note 10+ as the ‘computer’. Here are 5 incredibly useful Samsung DeX tips you need to try! This video was sponsored by Skillshare.


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  1. ? First 1000 people will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare Premium: 
    ? Portable Monitor –  
    » Keyboard –
    » Mouse –
    » Foldable Stand (Phone) –
    » Foldable Stand (Monitor) –
    » Galaxy Watch –
    » Phone Case – 
    » Backpack –
    » Wallpaper (Desktop) – 
    » Wallpaper (Phone) –

  2. That tip about being able to run multiple instances of Word and Excel by having Office (which I had) and individual copies of the apps (which I THOUGHT I didn't need since I had Office installed) was a stroke of pure genius!

  3. Hi, I love your videos, they are always the most informative and well researched ones out there, and it's Canadian content which is awesome!

    Here's my setup:
    Samsung galaxy S10+, and also a Samsung Note9
    Samsung Dex dexpad [new one, where the phone lays flat].
    HDMI Cable
    Dell P-series monitor.

    Everything works great, except Dolby Atmos. When I use my phone normally, Dolby Atmos works perfect. As soon as I connect it to the Dexpad, it disable/turns off Dolby Atmos. When I try and re-enable while Dex is running, I get a security message prompt [on the S10+], the Note 9 says something different 'Can't use Dolby Atmos with Samsung Dex'

    My question, does Dex block Dolby Atmos?

    If I get a newer Samsung phone or tablet, does Dolby Atmos work with Dex?

    Thanks, and keep up all the great work Thao! 🙂

  4. me sucede algo con dex, si a un video le doy full screen la imagen del video no esta centrada del todo, o sea: de la parte de arriba esta pegado al filo de la pantalla del tv (eso esta bien?). el problema es a los lados y abajo, se ven bordes negros ?

  5. Hi Thao nice and usfull video thank. Using Samsung Tablet 8 Plus and google Calender. Is there is any way to see my Tasks on the same sceen while I see my calender like on the desktop option?

  6. Tip: If your second screen does not scale properly when used with Dex, make sure you enable the "Autostart when HDMI is connected" option under Advanced -> Samsung Dex as this forces the secondary screen to be the main one and the tablet can then be used for either user input or a second screen. Hope it is clear 😉 Thanks @Thao Huynhy for the vid.

  7. Hi. I am an English teacher and i need to improve my hardware for the classes. So, I'm really considering a Tab S7 FE (which is what I can afford) and the use of Dex mode will come in real handy. Also I use Office a lot and the mobile versions annoy me because they're so limited. Here's a question I'm trying to figure out: have you tried to use the (for example) excell app side by side with (for example) web brower version of word? Is that possible? Thks for any considerations

  8. As an iPhone user, the samsung dex kinda makes me wanna get an s21 fe 5g. The moment they remove a feature I like on the iPhone (like the port as some rumours say) I immediately switch to samsung

  9. I wish IPad Pro had this too. Love what Samsung is doing but all my devices are apple :/

    It literally makes me sad haha

    Might have to get Samsung everything at this point. Does Samsung have an airdrop function yet?

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