How to Journal: Writing Tips, Journal Topics, and More!

Writing in a journal is a great way to destress, but starting one can be daunting. In this video, we’ll show you some of our favorite tips on how to journal. Shop all the products here:

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▬▬ ✦ T I M E S T A M P S ✦ ▬▬

00:00 Start of video

How do I start journaling?
0:27 Designate a time to journal
0:42 Create a routine around journaling
0:59 Set small writing goals

What can I put in my journal?
1:20 Recap your day
1:36 Express yourself creatively
1:55 Make lists
2:20 Keep a commonplace book
2:44 Self-reflection

Journaling Tips
3:14 Write in a physical journal
3:56 Write for yourself, not for others
4:21 Create an inspiring space to write in
4:38 Create a template to follow
5:04 Try new things and find what works for you
5:28 Don’t force yourself to write

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This Post Has 32 Comments

  1. 3 of my favorite tips.
    If you want to make your journal cute with drawings I suggest you don't color them. This is because then it looks more natural and cute.
    If you want to color the pictures then just use 3-4 colors depending you your aesthetic. It is okay to repeat the same color twice or thrice.
    If you don't feel like you can do it then don't draw or color and go with just writing not art. Its totally optional

  2. I'm trying to start a journal but I don't seem to have the motivation to write in it, I would get hand cramps back then writing on my journal and stress out when I won't write everything about my day or stuff in my journal, but I'm trying to buy and write again and let's just see how it goes, my main problems are 1. Hand cramps 2. The need to excessively store everything that is happening 3. Time

  3. My tips.
    I imagine myself writing a letter to my friend and update her with everything that I'm going through and share my thoughts with her. This make me feel less lonely cuz I don't really have friends in real life.

  4. when's the best time to journal like if i think early in morning then I'll write down like yea i have this this to do but then i won't be able to write what i did and how it went but if i did at night i won't be able to write to do in like I'm dumb can someone explain

  5. Isn't this just like writing a diary? I write one and have 3 entries a months.

    I named it Little Dumpling after changing names for 3 years I finally settled on Little Dumpling.
    Whenever I feel sad or feel happy about something or even when I'm just in one of my mood and need someone to talk with – Little Dumpling is that person. I have short and long conversation depending on my mood.

    Not only my writing skills have improved but it has all my secrets. I feel safe with her. (If Little Dumpling was a person, it would be she.)

    I highly recommend writing one even not for the internet but simply because that makes you know what you lack……..

  6. You don’t have to treat journaling like a diary. You can use totally random prompts, your thoughts about music and poetry, or just quotes you like. I had to get over this before I made any commitment.

  7. Well i usually talk about my best freind i draw and talk about things that i like and informacion about stuff that i think people dont know that is how i do it

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