Hannibal Buress: Advice for Comedians

In comedy, “there are no barriers to entry,” Hannibal Buress said in a recent interview with The Atlantic, animated in the video above. “You can just do it. Write. It’s a pen and paper, or typing on a computer, or typing on your phone!”

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  1. I had a stupid story telling bit about I knew an opener for me that took a thc weed edible before getting on stage. And he was having a panic attack and was scared that the audience were his friends staring at him coming to collect money he owed and the spotlight was police up in the rafters wanting to arrest him. But the premise was the audience would think he was pretending and it was all part of his act the way he was freaking out and would keep applauding him through his terrible high expeirence. And when he gets carried off stage by security, I came up and said something along the lines of "on a serious note (as if his ordeal wasnt serious) how do I follow that, anyone selling drugs that I can have?…I wanna be more funny"

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