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ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA is my first Chromebook. What I found out after using it for a few weeks that there are 3 things you must have in your Chromebook.

In this video, I will go through some of the Chromebook features you should be looking for before buying your first or next Chromebook.

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  1. Well. I got a cheap Dell Chromebook that has 16 gig of hard drive space and no convertability to a tablet. I dunno if it has an USB C slot. Really I'm just going to use it to surf the internet. I think I can watch Hulu, listen to iHeartRadio and Spotify, send email and read ebooks from the Chrome browser. If need be I can add a memory card.

  2. I would agree with you about the touch screen and convertible capabilities. One of the major selling features of recent chromebooks is that they can access the Google play store. Without a touch screen convertible laptop, that feature becomes almost useless.

  3. First of all the SSD drive is not memory. One of my Chromebooks has a 32 Gb SSD and 4 Gb memory. Memory is important, it is the RAM that makes buffering possible. If you had 1 Gb of memory you would have difficulty with videos. The SSD is not that important as most people add a 64 Gb Sd card for additional storage. That is for those folks that do not want to store files in the cloud. I have 215 Gb of cloud storage, but that is another topic. he most important feature is the chipset. Mine is an Intel I-5 dual core processor. A slow Celeron processor can never be speeded up. If you get a Chromebook and use it for anything serious, get at least a, I-3 or really fast Celeron Chip.

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