Clean Line Art! Digital Inking Tips

Getting smooth clean line art can be quite a challenge when using a Wacom Tablet or a Cintiq. Today we want to show you how to get clean lines in photoshop. These tips will help you smooth out your line art and make more professional looking art. And we included some fun Inking exercises for you guys to download!

Enjoy! and let us know in the comments if this helped you in your art!

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  1. Aw shucks guys! Thanks for the shout out! This video is great by the way. These exercises take me back to my theme park caricature days. New staff had to do a lot of these drills in training. Brent knows what I'm talking about (we both did caricatures before animation)

  2. I’m using a Huion Kamvas 13 using mostly MyPaint but haven’t tried drawing on GIMP.

    But I want to know this. Say I’m colouring up a OC I created but I don’t want to accidentally draw out side of the lines of the character constantly mashing Z undoing my mistake. What is this technique call?
    I have seen some digital artists do this technique

  3. agreed, practice is important of course. but when working in a digital medium the fact of the matter is that i can practice till im blue in the face and not really see much trajectory if i have little to no understanding of the tools. its so important to be able to understand how to use these things so that we can see our work improve

  4. Hey guys, your "Zebra Stroking" portion of the video used a brush size of 40 pixels. I thought either me, my tablet, or my drawing software was broken because my Zebra Strokes looked NOTHING like the examples! I was going crazy DX

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