ASUS Tytan Republic of Gamers Desktops – Linus Tech Tips CES 2013

The CG8480 is a high performance Ivy Bridge machine with a GTX 680. The CG8890 is the “over the top” RoG style desktop that will turn heads. Both machines feature an auto overclocking button, but the CG8890 also has motors inside that open up when you push the button!

Day 2 – video 12


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  1. I was thinking of this but then people say build a pc is cheaper but in scared on cleaning it. I don't know how and if one thing gets statices then my PC is dead so please tell me should I get this with the support where they come to your home and clean it or should I build my own pc that would take more but powerful but the same as I said i don't know if I can clean dust since I would like this pc to last me up to 6-8 years for $5000 dollars. Plus I need a monitor

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