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  1. if I plug an external usb audio interface, and fire up a music program –
    will it still talk to the external audio interface when I detatch the screen ?
    and if not, can the tablet control this doc connected setup through wifi?

  2. Not really since it's mostly up to opinion. For example in mine there's Ubuntu 12.04 >> most Debian based distros >>> Windows 7 > Windows 8.
    What you probably meant was "Windows 8 is more efficient/faster than Window 7" (even though it's actually still slower than Debian, Ubuntu even Mint in most benchmarks).

  3. If by look gay you mean "hellooow sweeetheart" gay then no.
    If you mean "I have a wife and kid but secretly am gay" then neither.
    Is it the earrings? Cause it would be ridiculous to determine of someone's sexuality by only looking at an accessory…

  4. yes, just like you normally would with any other pc/laptop – but being a touch screen windows 8 will be much more suitable
    if it werent touch, then id say windows 7 all the way

  5. what if im watching videos from the HDD of the detachable keyboard or editing a file from usb and suddenly detach the monitort, what will happen then? will it lead to file corruption or anything in particular??

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