5 Tips for Computer Science Freshmen (2013)

Starting college is a big adjustment for anyone, but it can be especially daunting for CS majors. After all, they’re jumping into a tough curriculum that’s very different from the work they did in high school. Even those who’ve taken Computer Science will face big changes. To ease the transition, Cat’s collected a few pieces of advice from former CS majors — ideas they wish they’d learned about sooner.
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  1. Please for the love of fucking god put comments in your code,
    i've tried to understand so many code that has no comment, and ones that did, the comments weren't clear enough.
    Put as much detail in the comments as you can.

  2. hey guys starting CS in after summer, graduate HS in may. I coded in notepad++ writing in HTML, and CSS. I did limited python and java. I’m scared to start, what even do we do ? what do we code with. do they throw you a book and tell you to code? i haven’t coded in a year or so. Will i be ok?

  3. Um well, this may come across as stupid. But does a person's cgpa matter a lot? I've had profound "bad luck" in uni with my gpa even tho i study and am learning but my grades bring me down every time.

  4. so i love cs and im going to college soon, but im kinda afraid i wont make it….not to be a sexist or anything but it seems like the boys in my class understand the things quicker. i need a bit of time but in the end i also understand it. and i know 'if you study hard enough you'll make anything' but idk… im looking up to those women who are successful, they give me hope lmao

  5. seriously.. who the hell misses semicolons and submits a project with compile time errors?

    People who don't use or even know about linting really don't deserve to be in computer related majors in the first place.

  6. I am management/Commerce student and have done my 12th but I want to study CS in my bachelor's level in an American university…..I don't know whether this can be done. Please help 😀

  7. A tip for anyone planning to study computer Science is to have a strong grasp of Further Maths/ Psychics, but also to learn about the principles of Computer Science not just learning how to Code in Java for example. Remember programming is like learning a language, so make sure you know the Maths and Principles as this will help you in the long run.

  8. yelp, computer science at least at my school, is pretty much a math degree. It has maybe 4-6 programming courses in it. The rest is math. To be honest, if you want to go into computers, your better off majoring in something like Information technology. The IT degree at my school is a lot more hands on and prepares students better for a real IT job. A lot if the IT students at my school get mad internships and jobs before they graduate. I'm in my last year if computer science and I feel like I'm not prepared for a job related to computers but instead a job working maybe as a actuarist or something math related. should have gone IT.

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