5 Beginner Tips for Setting Up Your Garmin | Cycling Weekly

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5 Beginner Tips for Setting Up Your Garmin | Cycling Weekly

Assuming you have found the power button and managed to turn on your new Garmin, the first thing we recommend is:

1. Set up your data screens

It might sound basic, but this is key to getting the right information from your Garmin and it’s dead easy to do. There are loads of different choices: you can change anything from elevation, cadence, courses, distance, speed heart rate and much more. Having these stats en tap when riding is a great way to monitor your riding mid-ride.


2. Sync your sensors

Garmin’s are compatible with various sensors via ANT+ and Bluetooth, which will give you loads of different riding metrics. You can get speed, cadence, heart rate and power sensors via this, which can also mean you can connect to your phone too.

3. Connect via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is what you’ll want to use to hook up your smart phone and sync to Garmin connect, which in turn you can programme to send your stats over to Strava. When you connect your computer and your phone it’ll automatically upload your ride stats. You’ll need to download the Garmin Connect app for your phone and then pair the device with the cycling computer through the Bluetooth settings.

4. Get to grips with Garmin IQ
Garmin IQ is what you’ll use to download additional extras for your cycling computer that can help your training, or just generally make it a more enjoyable experience. App compatibility depends on the computer you’re using, but there are loads on offer to improve your ride enjoyment. For example, there’s is even a beer app to calculate how many beers you’ve earnt on that last ride.

5.) Create a route
Most of Garmin’s range, for example the Edge 820, 520, 1000, and 25 are great if you’re riding in new areas as they’re capable of turn by turn navigation and map guidance. Sadly the Edge 20 doesn’t have this feature. You create courses in Strava, upload them to the computer and then follow its instructions on the map page.

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