10 tips for getting more out of your Galaxy Tab S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are designed for business productivity, enabling you to work from anywhere, whether you’re in the field or back at the home office.

With features like Multi-Active Window, the S Pen and Samsung DeX, they give you laptop-like performance in a sleek mobile package. Here are 10 tips for getting more out of your new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ tablet:

00:27 – Mark up documents and control your tablet with the S Pen
01:45 – Use Samsung Notes to keep your ideas available across all your devices
02:13 – Take advantage of Multi-Active Window
02:43 – Add the Book Cover Keyboard for laptop-like productivity
03:10 – Use Samsung DeX, wired or wirelessly, on an external display
03:41 – Stay connected with Auto Hotspot and 5G connectivity
04:26 – Set up fingerprint unlock for increased security
04:53 – Keep your files safe with Secure Folder
05:28 – Fast charge your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+ for ongoing productivity
06:17 – Expand your storage with a microSD card

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  1. the s pen definetly needs improvement.
    the nib is way too soft and it's difficult to work with, also sometimes it gets misaligned and it does't write/draw where I put the pen

  2. DEX is a game changer that puts Samsung squarely ahead of Apple. And lest you think I'm a Samsung fangirl, I have used iPhone since the 3GS series, I use a PC for my desktop, and I use the Galaxy Tab S7 for a tablet. I think they all have their place. I think Apple OS is more intuitive than Android is. But the DEX feature is making me think it may be worth switching to a Samsung phone the next time I upgrade phones. For travel purposes, in conjunction with something like Chrome Desktop to connect with my home or work PC, I wouldn't even need anything other than my phone and the hotel room TV and a remote keyboard.

  3. Create the next tablet that will make us fall out of the chair when we hear about its specifications 16/32 GB 8k battery 8k amperes The most advanced camera you have had so far up to Tara storage with memory expansion capability with SD The most advanced video card you had higher than normal processing speed, tablet For engineers For people who want to change tomorrow We need 100 times the capabilities of any other device on the market to bring us to a better place

  4. As a student, I have been using s7 since dec 2020 to take note and i am very happy using it till now. Very very recommended to student. In a price of rm3000 (i dont know the latest price), you can get all items keyboard, stylus and cover

  5. I'm so glad Amazon has a nice selection of accessories for the S7! I already have two cases & a really nice padded waterproof travel carrying case for it & i don't even have it yet! Just ordered it and the nice at&t guy online definitely had to find one for me because they're selling like hotcakes & are on backorder. I think you can order it directly from Samsung if you had to but also still get the At&t deal??

  6. Samsung, if you are listening, I start my professional college on August 30,2021. I was hoping to use your Tab S8 Ultra for college. I am at a loss because I am not sure the Tab S 8 Ultra will be available by the time my college begins. I need to make a purchase, WHEN ARE YOU LAUNCHING SAMSUNG TAB S 8?

  7. I'm using Tab S7, and I found it very cool that in this video at 4:48, he can use fingerprint scan on the screen. I tried to look for the feature, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone know how to do it?

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