Troubleshooting Tips: Weird Monitor Error Half Black Screen Linus Tech Tips

I’ve never seen this one before. BIOS, Windows, even with the computer disconnected, this monitor was only displaying half of its screen. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?


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  1. I had(still have but don't use)this same monitor. I called Acer customer service back in 2011 and they had me disconnect everything then hold the power button for 30 seconds. They claimed it was due to the monitor developing a static charge due to the region I was in back then.

  2. Just had this happen on a laptop screen. Still trying to figure it out. If I put pressure on the bottom bezel of the screen it actually starts working. Was happy to see a younger Linus had the same issue though lol.

  3. 2022 it's happening to me xfx 5700 xt

    (UPDATE I have two monitors when this happened I changed graphic cards didn't work so I changed monitors it worked on the other then went back to the broken one still was doing it so I up plug the monitor fully and it when back to normal)

  4. I got same problem on my extended (second) monitor. I am using Dell inspiron laptop. Just connected external 27 in Samsung monitor and found only half screen of the monitor showing up. I suspect HDMI cable. Changed it with one working with my smart TV. No luck. Finally I got it working by changing HDMI connection on the monitor. The first HDMI port on the monitor supports only 60 Hz refresh rate. Second HDMI port on the monitor supports 60, 100 and 120 Hz refresh rate. On my windows PC, there is no option to select refresh rate for the monitor. Plugging into 2nd HDMI port on the monitor fixed the problem.

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