Task Manager Tips & Tricks You Should Know on Windows 10!

In this edition in our Windows 10 Tips and Tricks series, we’ll take a deeper dive into the Task Manager to help you better monitor the processes, programs and services running on your computer.

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“Windows 10 Tips & Tricks” Playlist

0:05 Quickly Open Task Manager
1:11 Fix Frozen App or Program
1:56 Fix UI Elements
2:23 Set Logical Processors
3:10 Copy Performance Data
3:29 Open Resource Monitor
3:43 Graph Views
4:09 Search Suspicious Processes
4:27 Add More Columns
5:10 Change Resource Values
5:32 Open File Location
5:53 Startup Impact



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  1. If you are stuck in a game that black screened and even if you open task manager it doesn't show up, just sign out of the pc instead of restarting it will save you some time

  2. how to remove app on start up that is already uninstalled? i cannot also find the file location… do you think its a virus? i downloaded "desktophut"… now give me stress.. i cannot remove from start up.. …il wait for your reply

  3. I have to restart explorer every 6 hours on windows 10 or it gets slower and slower or simply glitched out at some point. Not something I remember ever needing to do on windows 7

  4. Have been wondering is there an pc or laptop software and android apps that recognize music from movies or tv shows to short ads in either Korean, Chinese or English languages ?? As for phones I uses Shazam but it is slow to recognize the song. As some music is played for only few seconds (10s or less )

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