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  1. minecraft used to take a windows 95 computer and a screen keyboard and mouse now it needs a duel gpus quad ram chips a crap ton of hard drive space ssd duel screams fancy keyboards and mouses and head sets.

  2. Be worried how fast you can load FTB Ultimate on this however.
    For the players who don't know: It's a modpack that's way better than Tekkit (yeah, go suck on it) which has 90 f*cking mods on it. And those mods are killer for old PCs.

  3. I think the GX60 would have been a better laptop if AMD would had released a beefier CPU, like a 45W A10.
    The A10 in that laptop is a 35W, so yeah… I think it wasn't a right move from AMD to not release "true" higher end processors.

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