Motorola Edge (& Plus) Tips & Tricks Guide | Best Features Explored

Tips & tricks guide for the Motorola Edge and Edge Plus flagship smartphones, running through the best new features and nifty tools for getting the most from these 2020 mobiles. Motorola has thrown a few great bonus bits into the Moto Edge+ and its more affordable sibling including a cool GameTime feature and lots of display tools. So here’s a tour of some of my favourites, and check out my unboxing and review for more info.

That curvy screen design isn’t just for looks, Motorola has added in loads of extra features. The likes of Edge Lights and Edge Touch actually make them kind of useful too. You can call up shortcuts, be extra aware of notifications and so on.

The Moto Edge and Edge Plus also serve up Motorola’s new GameTime feature, which gamers will enjoy when smashing through PubG Mobile and the rest. Those virtual triggers are actually surprisingly good.

Have you got your own favourite features? Let us know down below and the review will be up very shortly!


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  1. I've just bought one of these from Motorola on sale. It doesn't have some of the features you show. For example, the flashing lights when someone calls is not an option in my display settings. There is no WiFi calling feature. Its taken half a day to eventually upload Android 12 but I'm pretty pissed off that it doesn't see the same as the one you feature.

  2. Poop on all that personalization stuff! I need my Motorola Edge Plus to DO THINGS, like send photos while I'm on the phone to somebody.
    I want to be able to instantly transfer a phone number I wrote in a notepad app to the personal phone directory.
    I need to be able to make my phone DO WORK, quickly and well without a bunch of fiddling about.

  3. I bought this on sale, last one.. for like 450 or something. I still have it and im still superhappy with it 🙂 Works like a charm. Im not a guy to switch out my phone every year tho, I use them until they break or until they feel really outdated. So far this one feels great still and works perfectly. Def a new Moto fan.

  4. Thanks very much for you detailed Tips N Tricks, I have become one of your biggest fans as I just Rocked this phone and did not have clue of its hidden secrets. You have save me a Ton of time with this review!

  5. I have a Note 20 Ultra 5G, but I wish Samsung would release a basic app for doing basic UI customization like Motorola has added to their software. Samsung has an app for creating your own themes called "theme park" but it's UI is just not good (it's getting better for sure), and it's a nightmare trying to get everything how you want. I just want something simple to change things like the accent color (like at 1:23 in the video). I don't want a whole entire theme, I like the default OneUI theme. Just wanna change my accent color to green lol.

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