How to Negotiate Salary after Job Offer | 5 Practical Tips

61% of people miss out on higher pay, so in this video, I’m going to share my 5 tips on how to negotiate salary after receiving a job offer and help you get over that mental barrier stopping you from salary negotiation in the first place.

In order to negotiate a salary offer effectively, you would preferably not do it over email, but rather face-to-face or over the phone. Then, imagine you are negotiating the job offer on behalf of a friend, since this helps you get into the confident and assertive mindset.

You want to give a specific salary figure when you’re countering a job offer since the other party will assume you have done extensive homework into your market value.

You want to also have a walk away point (a worst case scenario) BEFORE you even begin negotiating your job offer because you definitely don’t want to accept something that’s way too low.

Finally, when countering a job offer or countering a salary package, you want to rely on facts instead of feelings because you want to help your counterpart understand exactly why you deserve what you’re asking for.

Those 5 practical tips are will help you negotiate for a higher salary after a job offer!

00:00 Intro
01:39 3 Practical Consequences
03:01 Imagine you are negotiating for a friend
03:41 Give a specific salary figure
04:21 Have a walk away point
04:56 Use facts, not feelings
06:14 Negotiate ethically
06:57 Bonus tip

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This Post Has 23 Comments

  1. Hi Jeff, thank you for the great tips! I know you are busy but wanted to ask what to do if I lowballed my salary when the recruiter asked about my minimum requirement. Is there any way to recover from that?

  2. Thank you! Much needed info.
    My situation is quite unique. Just was offered a procurement position for a MAJOR airline.. the catch .. it’s temp to perm. I’m currently working (5yrs). The temp is paying more than I’m making now. I’m super excited I was offed the position but, since this a temp position and I’m giving up a “secured” perm position… should I come out guns blazing? Well, not full on blazing.. but..
    Side note, the airline called me directly to interview for a management position direct for the them. I turned it down as I am not interested in being management.
    Ughhhhh…. What to do… what to do.
    Any guidance is appreciated
    Much gratitude

  3. Amazing video @Jeff Su. Just wanted a small clarification. I am planning to move after more than 20 years in a single company to a different field and place. Should I negotiate my salary based on PPP calculations (say ask for 5% above the PPP)

  4. I am a fresher candidate and recently got a new offer. I have my grads in kind of an unrelated field than my job and hence they will be training me for it. The salary mentioned in the offer letter is lower than the range I gave. Should i negotiate?

  5. Love this video! I’ve been in my current company for six years and recently became licensed. I applied for a transfer in my company and they offered me the position but with the lowest base pay possibly. This was the first time that I’ve negotiated a salary. Sometimes we don’t realize our worth and may put our own values and needs to the side for others. I’m waiting to hear back about whether my offer was accepted! ??

  6. Ok so my job was outsourced. My last day is june 1st. I was given the option to apply to the outsource company doing exactly what Im doing now, literally. They havemt even gone live yet nor know day to day protocol for like 45 Drs offices, 6 locations. In the interview he spoke about 20 dollars. I make 22 but id be working from home so I guess I was ok with 20 even though I have more experience than them. Today the offer was 19.25. Im almost offended because they know what I make and what I do and what we spoke about. He said 20 not me. My company loves me wants me to apply to other positions but id rather be home. Should I negotiate or move on? I feel like i was already taking a huge hit with 22.00. Then 20.00 now 19.25. ?

  7. Hello Jeff, nice video! Please can you answer me? I made a first interview with hr she asked me about salary expectation and I gave a rediculous number, if I pass the technical interview can I negotiate the salary a second time with HR?

  8. tried countering an employer who was practically begging me to join them. they contacted me months after my first interview. then in second discussion they were open to hybrid work week, longer vacation time (min is 2 weeks but standard is 3 weeks so i asked for 4 weeks as i already had 3 weeks.) but when it came to finalize the offer, i countered at 100k (they offered 90k.), hybrid work schedule (3 days office, 2 day remote) amd 4 weeks vacation. they came back with 90k, 3 weeks and wishy washy remote option. it felt like an insult, so i declined. except the pay, i wasn't getting much different from my current employment. no extra days off or work flexibility. i declined. and i probably would've turned it down if they didn't accept the first time.

  9. Hi Jeff, hope you are doing well. Recently I got an offer from a company, the salary package is 5k lower than my ideal. At the 1st interview with HR, he asked me about this, and I told him my ideal number. He said that’s beyond their range but he can try to reach that number. I am not quite sure if I should negotiate with them? For this 5k. I like this company, and want build long term relationship with them. Do you have any advice? Thank you.

  10. GREAT VIDEO! I've been working as a contractor for about 10 months and they might make me permanent after my 1 year is up.

    Do I have an advantage to negotiate my salary since they've already seen my work? Or will I be low balled by the company because I don't have leverage?

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