Guide: What to do AFTER building your computer…

Everyone always shows you HOW to build a computer… but here is what you do AFTER its built!

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  1. You show us that we can activate windows while being offline and disabling all those spy settings without any further issues/encounters.
    Then tell me why people are complaining in the internet that during the first try of the activation they got a message that the code is already used or is invalid, but then they had to go threw the online method with the spy settings kept enabled and running "slui 04" in order the activation code to work.
    Always keeping the most important info from people about what actual happens with the activation codes!

  2. Does anyone know why just after I build my pc it’s running so slow taking minutes to load a single tab? First pc build so I don’t know much. I have a 3080 and a ryzen 5 5600x

  3. This vid is an oldie but still a goodie as it's nice to know I don't need to be on the network to get it set up and can make a local account. My current pc has been "ruined" because of Microsoft wanting me to make an online account and setting a PIN to log in. :/

  4. PLEASE HELP I AM TOTAL NEWBIE TO PC..i have ryzen 5 5600x cpu and asrock b550m steel legend mobo. all clean brand new parts (as far as i know) newly built PC. i turned on the PC without monitor to see if it is all working.. the fans working RGBs.. cpu stock cooler fans working and all. i shut it down then turned on again with a monitor this time then i recieve the message says new cpu installed. and i press Y.. then i welcomed to asrock screen with an option to open bios.. as i press F11 the screen message says reboot and select proper boot device.. i dont know what to do please help! ??????

  5. After I upgraded from my R7 to my R9 5950x , I attempted to enable my XMP profile and all I get is a black screen. I reset the CMOS and it turns back on but it's only running at 2400MHz instead of 3200. I don't know where to go from there.
    Has this happened to anyone else? What should I do?

  6. Interesting built my PC didn't connect to the internet until that step of the video. Booted into windows just fine, plugged my ethernet in and it won't connect to the internet because the ethernet port has no drivers? I had to download drivers from another PC and put on the flash drive.

  7. Can someone please help me. I just built my first pc ever. My rog strix 690a gaming motherboard is giving me a boot error. I used only 1 m.2 drive. But when I try to turn on my pc and try to bring up bios using del/f2 it never bring up my bios my monitor won't even turn on or show anything. I've done everything in this video but where he is mashing thr del button doesn't work for me

  8. ive just replaced my motherboard and cpu with better versions, however once the computer turned on and everything seemed normal, i realised i wasnt connected to the internet even tho i have an ethernet cable in. ive been unable to update the driver for that network adapter it just gives me a code error being 31

  9. thank you so much for this, i was gunna buy a custom pc but decided to buiild it myself and as much as im worried about my clumsy ass building a pc the after built is what i couldnt find anything on so thank you so much for this <3

  10. Step 1: reinstall/install a fresh version of windows in offline mode.
    Step 2: connect to the internet and let windows do all essential updates then restart computer.
    Step 3: install all hardware drivers from official motherboard and gpu websites and then restart.
    Step 4: reset bios to default then enable xmp or manually set ram frequency to its advertised speed.
    Step 5: disable all privacy related settings related to sending data to microsoft (optional).
    Step 6: disable background apps, services and startup items that aren't essential for windows to function correctly.
    Step 7: set power plan to performance mode, (optional, mostly for competitive gamers who want every extra frame they can get).
    Step 8: install ccleaner and uninstall any bloatware programs that you dont plan to use that aren't essential to windows or hardware.
    Step 9: install any game launchers you plan to use for gaming like steam, ubisoft connect and epic games ect.
    Step 10: set refresh rate in amd/nvidia control panel to highest available and make sure your using the correct resolution for your monitor/tv.

    Note: dont mess with anything you dont understand and if your confused about something research it via youtube or google first.

  11. Is it normal to take long installing windows 10 on new pc? I'm currently installing windows 10 on my new pc and it is taking long to load, it's been 30 mins and it is still loading, I'm just waiting for the set up option to appear. Should i wait?

  12. Before any of the things in this video, the first thing should be any BIOS update you might need, for example to run a later CPU, and also explaining the risks involved in BIOS updates. Best practice is to only do it if necessary.

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