Did You Know Your Garmin Could Do This? | 5 Garmin Tips and Tricks | Cycling Weekly

Do you ever feel like you’re scratching the surface of what your cycling computer can do? These powerful devices are capable of so much, often much more than we think. In this video Rupert discovers five things he didn’t know his Garmin could do!

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  1. question to all garmin 530 users. Do you also find this device infuriating? I create a route in komoot. Upload to Garmin. start the route, something doesn't seem right… look at the map on garmin – it added a completely new and insane section to the route??? what is going on with this stupid device? I upload the gpx route and expect it to comply, not to get inventive??? (edit: I disabled the 'rerouting' option, made sure I have 'mixed terrain' in the surfaces, so it doesn't try to route me through 'nice tarmac')

  2. Amazing information but as a SW challenged rider I can tell you the speed you talk and flick the screens is waaaaay too fast. And you need to start each bit from the home screen so people like me can find where you are. Brilliant and totally useless video otherwise.

  3. I own a Garmin Edge 830 but blowed if I can find the Tour section that enabled menu to get to Map Theme. Tried for ages, all sorts of routes through the menus but nothing like that came up but no luck. Any idea of the specific menu course to get this function?

  4. The big feature that I did not know about but now use is Garmin segments. It works just like strava to give live segment data against your or and Garmin riders. Also if auto upload the ride to strava you still get the high level summary of your status without the subscription.

  5. im sorry but I agree, a phone is a lot easier than them silly computer crap, as for when crashing that's just a lying add to your post. you carry your phone anyway so that's rubbish, I've used my phone travelling around Thailand for three months using my phone than on my mountain bikes and road bikes ever since, I do have a Garmin 3 watch so I time that strava and komoot all on the free apps to see the difference and there isn't any, so that's just another bullshit trend for another con for dumb people

  6. If you don't want to get all the Social media notifications you can disable each app separately in garmin connect app on the phone. Settings -> Notifications -> App Notifications. You can choose there which apps you want or don't want to get notifications from.

  7. The entire point of riding a bike is to enjoy the environment and improve your physical and mental health. It is an escape from brutal social media. Why on earth would you want to be receiving Twitter or Facebook updates??!!

  8. Nice video, I learnt a few things. I found out (accidentally; after hitting a hump in the road at speed) that the 1030 records air time, handy for mountain bikers who like to jump.

  9. Just bought a Garmin 530 Edge. It is frankly shit, does not pair with my sensors – speed or heart rate. It only records my speed sporadically from the satellite. Apparently when I have time I should repair the sensors with the device? Then was after transferring my sensors from my old 520 Edge. So all these features in the video just make me more infuriated.

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