A $99 Laptop?! – Pinebook

We got the cheapest laptop we could find- just $99. But is this notebook even usable?.. Depends: do you know how to use Linux?

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  1. I think this laptop be a fun hack build on! Take it as is and see if you can build up on it! Like, improve the ram and the hard drive!
    Overall this would be a good learning laptop to teach how things work on a laptop!
    Hell i even just turn this into a simple typing computer for writing only

  2. 12:27 I actually got my MacBook Air from 2010 at my Local IT-Store cause the Employe just wanted to bring it to a Dump, and i said "Hey, why do you want to bring that totally fine MacBook to the Dump?" And he said "The Battery is literally swelling like a wet sponge." Then i asked "Why are you not simply replacing the Battery?" He said "We don't have the Battery in stock." And i asked "Would you sell me this Laptop?" And he agreed. So i got it for only 75€ (78$) and i replaced the Battery myself for 55€ (59$) and i am writing that Comment from the MacBook. The MacBook was saved from the Sea.

    ( Sorry for my bad english, i had to use Google Translator. 😀 )

  3. Reminds me of my hp notebook…though way better in specs with th n2840 chip, i just remember when chrome keeps crashing even when just searching for the web or getting a blue screen everytime i try to watch a 1080p video at full screen

  4. i remember when i use to have a laptop in my teenage years i use to put tape over the webcam, i never really trusted it but now i have a gaming desktop i built so im not worried anymore.

  5. Yeah best course at such a budget is buying a used laptop, and installing some low-demanding linux on it. If you're only intention is browsing the web on it then that'll be more than enough

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