9 Spoiler-Free Beginner's Tips For Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Ready to go off on that new Zelda brand adventure? Hold on! It’s dangerous to go without this guide with 9 tips for starting your adventure off on the right boot!

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  1. tips: A blood moon will not last more than 1 second so it won't buff enemies it will just respawn them. when cooking make sure to not use any ingredients that aren't edible to not result in dubious food. when fighting try to practice parrying and flurry rushing enemies.
    make sure to sell ores and not ancient parts to get rupees. when you see and npc named traveler, prepare to fight, that's a yoga clan member

  2. just a note: at 4:27, just because he survived with a quarter of a heart doesn't mean you can too. there is the mechanic where you cannot get one shot so you may die if you are struck by lightning with 11/12 hearts

  3. I have played breath of the wild for over 4000 hours and for you beginners I use glitches in my gameplay. One of the best glitches you could use as a beginner if you follow the order of how the story goes in the game you can get a very helpful glitch called unlimited stasis. All you need to do this is have your stasis rune upgraded to stasis plus and have one memory done. Basically how you do this glitch is use stasis on the harder enemies then go and watch that one memory and when you come out of the menu to fight that enemy your stasis will automatically be reloaded. You can simply do this as many times as you want hence why it’s called unlimited stasis

  4. Ovoid going into hot and cold areas without ways to resist “freezing cold “ and “ intense to scorching” levels of heat. If you hear the “Field (intense heat)” or “field (scorching heat)”/“Death Mountain” and are not equipped for those temperatures, all I can say is “GET OUT OF THERE IMMEDIATELY!”

  5. ok here's a tip that is my rule of thumb: when your try to attempt Thunderblight Ganon, do not until you have done these things:

    1. Master the backflip + Flurry Rush
    2. Get the Master Sword
    3. Get good at the Magnesis rune

    oh and also this game has one of the rare occurences: the first phase of the boss fight is easier than the second (for me)

  6. Adding fire to the grass will create a wind effect that allows to fly for a bit and go into bullet time and can restrict enemies movement to make for a good get away from me move

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