5 Tips for New Wacom Tablet Users

In this video Dave Cross provide 5 valuable tips for new owners of Wacom Tablets (and people considering the purchase of a tablet). Learn how to quickly get comfortable with a tablet.

A lot of people are commenting that a tablet would not be good for gaming, so you shouldn’t give up your mouse. Needless to say, I was trying to make the point that one way to get used to the tablet is by forcing the issue by “getting rid of your mouse”. The intent was to speed up getting used to the tablet – I’m not necessarily suggesting that you will never use your mouse again.

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  1. Getting a more simple tablet for the first time and this has made me so much more excited for it! Im planning on using it for drawing a lot and to hear that it doesn't operate like a mouse is such a relief. I feel like even though it will still be an adjustment from traditional art, the fact that you dont "scroll" with it will make it a bit more bearable to get used to, I cant wait for it to arrive!! 🙂

  2. If you guys are worried about it being hard to get used to drawing on the tablet and looking at the computer screen you will get used to it within a week(at least it took me a week) so you shouldn't worry about that

  3. Hi, thank you for your Video.
    can you please help me with my decision?
    I want it buy in size S, but most say its to small.
    In Youtube the most Photoshop user own the size M, but they deactivate the most of the surface and work only on a little corner (most top left). I dont understand why.
    I work with Photoshop, and the most time i retouch or make composings.
    Hope you can help me, sorry for my bad english.
    Very nice Channel.

  4. So I got a Wacom tablet and I don’t draw on it much because I’m not used to it. This video helped a lot, Thanks! It’s funny that when I first started and didn’t know about the pressure, I thought.. why is it so hard to see? Then I accidentally pressed hard… and here we are

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