YouTube Comments: Replying, Filtering and Moderating

In this video, we’ll show you everything you can do with comments. First, we’ll walk you through what features you can use to help you encourage more of the conversation you want to see in your comments. Then we’ll show you what features you can use to address hurtful or inappropriate interactions in your comments section. Here’s what we cover:

Encouraging positive comments:
0:36 Use the heart icon
1:02 Pin comments
1:39 Respond to comments
2:10 Use comment filters

Video-level comment moderation features:
3:26 Remove comments
3:41 Hide users from your channel
4:03 Flag comments

Channel-level comment moderation features:
4:19 Set upload defaults
5:14 Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review
5:36 Create a blocked words list
5:59 Add comment moderators
6:29 Hold all comments for review or disable comments

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  1. Hello, sorry to interupt, on youtube channels, there is an "About" section on everyones profile, we used to be able to leave comments and comminicate with the community. How can we enable this function again? Your video on comments are just solely about video comments, everyone can do that, please elaborate on creators about section profile comments too. Thanks.

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