What Is Perfect Running Form? | Run Technique Tips For All Runners

Some may say the pros have a ‘perfect running form’, but what makes it so perfect, so easy, so effortless? Mark is here to tackle just that and explore what we mean by perfect running form!

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Getting out the door and going for a run is a fairly straightforward affair, in fact, it’s the simplicity of throwing on some shoes and getting outside that appeals to so many of us.

That being said, having some proper run form, well that’s not as easy as it might sound because our unique running mechanics are dependant on our own strength, flexibility and also, how our bodies are built.

Everyone has differing running mechanics, but ultimately, the goal is to run with as little effort as we can muster, be as efficient as possible, and crucially all the while without getting injured! Mark is here to explore what we mean by perfect running form!

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. It's crazy how before high school I was never taught basic motor skills, how to have a good form at something, etc
    school was good at teaching but when it came to sports they were so bad, we'd not even have enough time to do any exercise because we were somehow "behind schedule"
    I'm now a second year high schooler and I'm now extremely fit for my age only being 14
    this video has taught me how to run better since my old form was pretty sluggish, thanks man

  2. i am just getting into running and i was told probably 6+ years ago that i run weird.. so now im trying to learn but super self conscious about the way i run, i feel like i run wrong lol thanks!

  3. Congratulations and best wishes to all confirmed runners all over the world! Running keeps me happy content and joyful! It's like a daily prayers session and super fantastic well balanced diet! Greetings from Colombo Sri Lanka!?????

  4. One thing that you could expand on is where you feet are landing in regards to shoulder distance and not shifting towards center underneath body, this was a big problem with me and pain in my knee when I first began running. Can you expand on this ?

  5. Now wonder why my shins and ankles hurt so bad, because I was using my fore foot to absorb the impact, I just finished my jog and damn my legs hurts hahahaha, but thanks a lot for the advice next I'll follow these advice to prevent my aching on my body, legs and feet

  6. Here is my professional guide:
    Proper running form lasts only when u have still enough stamina beyond that naah!
    If u want to get faster, choose ur target distance where u want to excel like 5k, 10k and etc then learn every running drills and dynamic warm ups, do an easy run 4x farther than ur target once in a week, then do sprints and tempo slow tempo after 2 months surely u will become faster and stronger runner

  7. You guys always seem to have such good running form.
    Also I have one more to add if that’s ok.
    Remember to enjoy the run. Thanks find when I enjoy the run my firm gets more bouncy and efficient dnd fun

  8. Who else is here because someone commented on them running ?. My buddy at work said i look like a gazelle when i was jog/running down the hall. I guess im extra bouncy from preferring that springy forefoot landing

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