Top Windows 11 new features | The best Windows 11 Tips and Tricks for 2021

This video cover the top Windows 11 new features, which have just launched. The new Windows 11 update is out, and these Windows 11 tips and tricks for 2021 will help you get started. Lots of Windows 11 features to explore across the new Start menu, Windows Snapping, Widgets, Teams chat, new Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts, updated Settings and lots more. This video will help you get up to speed on what’s new in Windows 11.

✅ More details on the new features in Windows 11:
✅ I do a Windows 11 Review of the new apps here:

? Table of contents
0:00 Introduction
0:13 New Start menu experience
1:49 Windows snapping
2:34 Snap Groups
3:17 Settings updates
5:53 Multiple Desktops / Workspaces (right click to rename, add background)
7:24 Widgets
8:10 New Windows keyboard shortcuts
9:08 Teams for Windows 11
11:11 WiFi widget, that menu, Accessiblity tools, etc. WINDOWS A
12:29 Focus Assist
14:10 Dictation improvements

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  1. whats the orange Camtasia one u have? i have echsmith snagit which looks exactly same.. snagit records to make vids has an editor too but i have movavi vid suite right now 4 that.. snagit also customizes ur screenshots and stores all ur pics in its editor library part which is cool..


  2. The first thing I wanted to test was snapping windows. It didn't work, on my freshly purchased machine at least in 2+ screen environment. Nothing gets highlighted when I hover over proposed layouts in the upper right corner of the screen so I basically can't choose any option.

  3. You REALLY missed the mark on this video. You spent minutes on settings which is NOT all that different than 10 and you don't think running ANDROID apps isn't a FAR bigger deal than screwing around with basic settings?!?

  4. Is there a switch that turns off absolutely all the useless mobile options because windows is a desktop OS?
    I don’t want any of these features at all. Maybe the windows layout and multiple desktops but I bet I can’t create my own custom window layout.

  5. The multiple desktop thing is cool, the rest is kinda meh.. Also, to be noted, this windows only works on the newest hardware. Also, this Windows version forces you to use Secure boot, which is basically something that runs on a hardware level, which prevents you from booting anything that isn't windows. So if you plan to dual boot Linux, or even experiment with it, then don't get Windows 11, or you won't have the option. M$ has a terrible habit of being forceful, in a passive aggressive manner, about how you use your PC. I've been holding onto windows for a long time, but by the time it forces me to upgrade to 11, I may just say screw it, and venture over the Linux.

  6. This was one of the best tutorials I have watched… and I have watched many. I just wanted a quick overview of Windows 11… because I just started using it a few days ago. And I had missed many things that you have covered!

  7. I hate all the default hatred for anything new involving Windows. I actually like 11. I liked 10. The settings app in 11 was a ver needed revamp that was overdue. Quite a few things got a badly needed revamp actually. Great video!

  8. I've always wondered why computers don't try to help you make calls from them? Is there just no market for this to be integrated into an OS? Believe it or not, I'm not always next to my phone and it would be nice not to need to it every-so-often.

  9. Very excited with the dictation feature… I do podcast transcription, and I already see this feature helping me become more productive and boost my speed. But I am also happy with the accessibility improvements. As a blind person, I am eager to see what Narrator has to offer me. Currently upgrading as I am typing this. Thanks for this insightful video.

  10. I don't think my original comment ever made it into the comments section. I really liked your video: very well done. I volunteer for a local computer help group in Colorado and am putting together a class on new things in Windows 11. Your video provides some very instructive information, and I would like your permission to use some parts of your video for my class. I will give you credit for any parts that I use but wanted your permission before proceeding. Thank you for doing this.

  11. The best feature that caught me about Windows 11 ?

    is the ability that allows you to run APK android apps on your computer..

    (It really useful to run your socials apps and games directly from your ) 🙂 ?

  12. Great review. One thing I haven't figured out. In Win 10 I had two rows of apps pinned to TASKBAR. Even though I still have all the same apps pinned I can't see the 2nd row. So a bunch I have pinned are useless in the taskbar — I still have to go search for them. I just can't figure out how to get them to display at the bottom so I can select when wanted.

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