Top 10 Tips for RSI

RSI, or repetitive strain injury, is a common problem for intensive keyboard or mouse users. In this video I present ten practical things that you can do to deal with RSI, based on 20 years of first hand experience.

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  1. get a gatreon red mechanical low profile keyboard, problem solved. it is the best bet to prevent rsi,
    never try to max out typing sped on regular work.
    this will save your career as anything in 2030s on .

  2. Thank you so much, this is an extremely important video! Would be really interested in a follow up video if you learned new tricks/tips for beating rsi or other health topics!

  3. I have developed pretty bad RSI in my right shoulder since a year ago from excessive mousing, mostly from working and also from personal usage. Physical therapy helps a little but it's not enough. I've even made improvements to my ergonomics and increased the mouse pointer speed so I don't have to move my arm as much but it's still not good enough. I am afraid the damage is done and now it feels like I may have muscle tears or inflammation or something. Every time I take a deep breath, it hurts in my right shoulder. I wish I could go back in time just one year ago and prevent this from happening. It's depressing and I want to be able to enjoy using a PC for the rest of my life without pain.

  4. I guess this explains why I've never enjoyed standard desktop keyboards. I've only ever used laptop (chiclet) keyboards in my home and most of school, and I've almost never gotten any joint pain. Somewhat ironic, because I learned to type on a desktop keyboard.

  5. Typing on a tablet? I am completely confused… I find them almost intolerable to type on. Smashing your fingers against glass for hours at a time with almost no feedback is not pleasant at all.

  6. You know when people are stressed; their neck muscles are tense? -It feels like my hands are too tense when using a keyboard or controller which makes it easier to get RSI related injuries. What so you think about this theory?

  7. This video's given me some food for thought. I was already planning on getting a vertical mouse, but now I plan on getting a chiclet keyboard as well. I do like this old 90's Lite-On mechanical keyboard I'm using, but I'm willing to set it aside if a softer keyboard is better for my finger health in the long run. I don't suffer from RSI or carpal tunnel, and I'd like to keep it that way.

  8. Besides the current peripherals I use. It doesn't really matter which keyboard or mouse you use it is always good to take a break every 30mins. Good for the eyes too. Main reason for the logitech K780 is that it is silent and comfortable.

  9. Well I don't know if you would agree, but I prefer using my PS/2 Keyboard with the colour coded keys like numbers, vowels, etc but the IBM Model M feel with smooth springs in those keys or maybe a Cherry MX Keyboard with PS/2 support. Also some of my old computers hated my USB keyboard as it needed drivers for the BIOS as I had wondered why I tried pressing the Del or F8 key to reconfig the BIOS settings. I don't like those slim keyboards like those Aluminium iMac keyboards. Also I do know you can change the QWERTY layout into Dvorak layout that can reduce RSI. But it will mean having to adjust and get familiar with using Dvorak like the Ctrl C and Ctrl V for Copy & Paste shortcuts. Also I remember typewriters around the 1940s weren't very ergonomic – not to forget having to use your left hand to slide the cylinder for the next line.

  10. After looking at this video, I have gotten myself new hardware such as the Logitech K780 and MX master mouse. Quite comfortable and ergonomic. Connects and switches to multiple devices easily with a button over Bluetooth. In the past, such ergonomic hardware is hard to find but now almost every hardware like keyboard/mouse is designed with comfort in mind. Totally enjoy how informative your videos are. I always check back to comment and like 🙂 Hands down to you for the informative and detailed videos

  11. I've heard people talking about it and how much it sucks! I haven't had it, but I'd like to do what I can to avoid getting it! Last year, I did have RSI like symptoms using the mouse. It only happened when I was intensely editing for many days in a row for many hours those days. I personally found relaxing my fingers on it and not curling them really helped and I'm sure will continue. I also use a standing desk and move around when I need to think. It also helps me think a lot better! I'll definitely be sure to remember to do these things in the coming years! I also try to remember to blink on a normal basis.

  12. Since our schools are closed due to COVID19, teachers like myself are having to find creative way to get content to our students. I am requesting permission to use your videos (Computing Health and Safety and Beating RSI) for a computer and health issue unit. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  13. Hey mate great video. Just three things you missed here i thought i would mention in case you are looking at creating a new video for this.

    1. Infrared fabric gloves to stimulate circulation in the hand and improve joint mobility by reducing inflammation in the soft tissue/cartilage.
    2. Wrist braces to prevent the wrist rotation from causing RSI injuries and tenderness/pain in the wrist itself.
    3. Vitamin D and magnesium supplements.

    I would only recommend number 2 for those with joint issues or for those who use the computer for more than 6-7 hours a day.
    Number 3 for those who eat less than 12 serves of veges a day and don't consume allot of super-foods like quinoa or chia seeds.

  14. really began this year from simlo tablets which can trigger it – when i stopped using had pain and weakness as side effects. Simlo i think accelerated the pain from my overly long typing and gaming sessions.
    Pain can be mild in the arms and shoulder – but most in the fingers. I changed habits but the LEFT INDEX finger can have mild pain or sensation, despite way less typing, making me think some permanent damage.
    Solutions for me include a ergonomic curved Logitech kb and mouse; ergonomic mousepads, olfen tablets. The real test is when i resume book writing.

  15. Been in computers for 50 years and used them at work and at home, thus 7 days a week and long hours (Asperger's). I have recently self-diagnosed RSI in my right shoulder, I use a trackball. Now I balance it on my thigh instead of the table top and it has improved tremendously, I am also trying to cut down my computer hours. Hoping for a complete resolution.

  16. I don't have RSI yet but I did find it interesting that you recommend typing on a tablet with the on-screen keyboard. Whenever I type anything more than just a few sentences at a time on my phone, it's quite uncomfortable, my hands hurt quite a lot afterwards and I have to rest them for a while before I can use the phone again. But I can type quite a lot with a physical keyboard just fine. Do you know why that would happen? Am I just weird?

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