Tips for negotiating your salary (from an ex-FAANG recruiter)

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Sarah is the Lead Negotiator at Her goal is to help people make better career decisions and negotiate a salary they deserve. She’s a former tech recruiter at Amazon, Facebook, and Google.
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00:00​​ – Intro
2:05​ – “What are your salary expectations?”
4:05 – Don’t give them your number
5:29 – When to start talking numbers
7:05 – Do your research
8:37 – What’s the best format for this conversation?
11:44 – Final Thoughts

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  1. Recruiter: What's your salary expectation?
    Me: Yes, so I was going to ask you about the compensation structure, is there bonus, commission, blah blah and what's the salary range for this position?
    Recruiter: Well it depends in your experience but you can expect to make between X to Z.
    Me: Yes, that's within my expected salary range (avoid confirming a specific dollar amount).

    *if the salary is a couple thousand dollar short.
    Ask if there is room to negotiate. You may need to provide a dollar amount in this scenario.

    And that's how I get around answering the question. Don't be scared of doing this, it's a good sign and shows that you know what you are doing and know how to negotiate.

  2. Applied for a role and they needed global approval before getting to a number on my offer. Brought in an offer about 20% above the high range of their hiring band. I think having a competing offer is really the best way to push that number up. Use a job you might not be into, especially from a competitor, to put the fear of missing out on the recruiter.

  3. If we are offered a salary, how do we know it’s a fair offer or even too low? Is there anyway to find out what a particular position pays? Any special websites or any paid services to find out? I do not want to take an offer and find out after the fact that I could’ve gotten paid a lot more.

  4. just curious, if a recruiter successfully fooled a candidate, and made them join with underpaid compensation, does that contribute to the recruiter KPI/performance? Feel like very recruiter is trying to make the candidate join with minimum total compensation to help company save money.

  5. Horrible advise to play cat and mouse. Approach them with a salary that represents a 25% bump from your previous job and a salary that you'd be happy with. Do your due diligence before what is possible. Know your worth. (Horrible audio in times of Corona and remote working setups)

  6. you typically can milk a lot of info out of the recruiter, even earlier on. nobody wants their time wasted, so if the salary band isn't anywhere close to your expectations, it's better to know before you waste everyone's time in a drawn out interview process. the recruiter is incentivized to be honest/up front with you for this reason

  7. Just a suggestion as someone who doesn't has English as his primary language. It's a better experience to have only the voice of the other person with higher audio quality than having their image but with poor audio quality. The answers from your guest were really hard to understand because the audio kept degrading as they were answering. Overall it was a great video and thank you for the advice.

  8. The thought of being like "well the economy and stuff so I NEED 300k or I'll have to walk away" just feels so… blegh though, almost immoral? When you're surrounded by people scraping by on 30k and multiple jobs… I just get so much cognitive dissonance living in a city burdened by homelessness, eating pastries with little gold flakes on them, ahahh maybe tech just isn't for me…

  9. All girls care about is money ? do better okay I know God didn’t wire women as good as men and the Kingdom of God is within men not women but at least try okay? Thank you

  10. thanks for the tips, question. what happens when they refuse to move forward before they get a number. They say things like if we are not aligned on this we want to be mindful for each other's time. Also most positions have a set range that's usually the average in the industry

  11. I cannot agree. Saying I haven't looked into salaries, or I dont know, makes you seem unprepared, or worse, dishonest. Both red flags. Glassdoor provides salary ranges, so based on what skills candidates offer, cases can be made as to why they should get paid more or less. Good skills, not good acting, deserves the better pay.

  12. When they ask what I'm expecting for a salary I give a high number based on the research I've done. So if my research says between 100-125k I would say 140. I don't like the answer of "oh i haven't really thought about it let me get back to you." Everyone in the interview knows what you're doing just like you know what they're doing when they ask. Go high, start negotiations at a higher level. I've never had a company say "you're asking for too much so this isn't a fit." In the end if they low ball you, you can walk away.

  13. Not sure why this popped up for me. Yes Google, I AM job hunting. But I'm also a lowly therapist. These numbers are 5-6x what I can expect. Frankly, I deal with some tough shit on the regular, but damn, THIS makes my heart heavy

    Edit: I just realized that the pay differential she was casually referring to when her friends do job interviews and get nervous and devalue themselves is my WHOLE pay. Oh man… XD

  14. I wish I saw this before my last interview, some really great tips. I still got 10 percent more than the previous person who held the position but I feel that I could have gotten more. Will use some of them in the future or negotiation for a raise

  15. Nice content! I wish I had watch the video two months ago, right before negociating for my new position…

    I'm working hard to prove my value but you are kind of doomed when you are already with the company.

    Side note though, I feel like this way of approaching the compensation question is really American.

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