These Tips Will Make Your PC Run Like New in 2016! (Under 10 Minutes)

How to make your computer faster using some easy tips. This will improve the performance of your computer significantly!


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  1. I have a Samsung RC512 laptop purchased in 2011. Every year or two it performs badly, so I do all the things in the video including moving my files to an external hard drive and completely factory resetting the computer, along with disk defragging. Now it seems like it only lasts a few months until I have to factory reset my computer again. Only three months ago I made my computer "like new" and now I'm doing it again. I also get blue screens of death every once in a while, but not so often that I'd consider it an issue. Nothing seems to be working. Could this just be the hardware getting old and wearing out? I've also taken it apart and cleaned out the dust recently.

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