Tech Tips: How to wipe or restore your PC.

Thinking about selling or recycling your computer? Or simply need to clean off a few viruses? Agent Davis will walk you through how to wipe or restore your computer, step by step, in The Lab.

If you have questions, just leave them below in the comments section, and we’ll get back to you. Or, if you want help in person, make an appointment with a Geek Squad Agent:

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  1. If I reset and keep data, will Windows 10 still be on the laptop? (the second option) I want to loan my laptop to someone for an extended period of time, but I'm getting it back.

  2. Ha,ha..If you have a lots of porn materials or illegal materials in your computer.Just reformat the hard drive 99.99..% datas are not recoverable with any datas recoveries softwares.

  3. As a tech who does this for real. Not some geek swad moron. This is half right and half wrong. Many times the recovery section of the hard drive could be deleted or never set up. In this case these steps wount work. The best method is removal of the drive do a military grade erase place it back in the computer and use a flash drive with a bootable windows install to reload the computer.

  4. Yes. Everyone should do this if they have a virus or slow speeds. Once done bring it to an actual IT person to do it the correct way to ACTUALLY remove the virus and or speed up the PC. Your local IT guy will thank you. This does nothing for you except waste your time if you actually have a virus as they (good ones) will store them self’s on a different part of the hard drive that this restore does not touch. Really just fork over the money to have it done the right way.

  5. I’ve resetted my PC before and it’s still slow. To let you know it’s an old windows 8.1 HP touchsmart Pavilion Laptop, and it’s been through a lot… I’ve even tried to reset it with deleting all the files and data (note: I’ve put all my important files in a USB drive before resetting fully) and It’s still slow as heck. Is their perhaps something that can help me speed up my computer or is their nothing I can do and the computer is just done for?

  6. I’ve worked with geeksquad remote support last 2018-19. All i can say is this is totally bullshit job we don’t even have a proper product training so basically every software that we encountered that is new to us we’d just making assumptions that we know it even if we actually don’t know what to do.

  7. The computers I run across, you can't even boot to Windows, so that's were my recovery Disc comes in, and some other programs to 'wipe' the HD, up to DOD level, and either reformat, or replace the HD and reinstall, sometimes I can even access the files to 'backup' single files; MP3, JPG, DOC…. It's really handy if the person has done a recent backup on an external drive, so as to just do a recovery from that.

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