Tech Tips: How to speed up a slow computer.

If your computer is running slow, there are several things you can do to help. Agent Smith has tips for how to speed up a computer with Windows 10. Here’s what we’ll talk about:
Update Windows 10: 00:51.
Update hardware drivers: 01:15.
Check for viruses and malware: 01:47.
Check internet speed: 02:08.
Check router age: 02:45.
Get rid of old programs: 03:05.
Check your storage: 03:56.
Consider upgrading hardware: 04:32.

Link to our Internet Speed Checker:

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  1. The best tip in this video is to turn on the Storage Sense utility. The more temporary files you have on your computer, the slower it will get over time. I did not know that Windows finally created a utility to do this for you. I still recommend that you delete files in your Recycle Bin and Downloads folder manually.

  2. Hello Tech Tips family. I'd like to ask that do you guys sell RAMS? If yes can I plz get the prices for 4GB and 8GB because some software cause my laptop to freezes and require me to upgrade

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