Security Awareness Quick Tip: 5 Security Tips for Working Remotely from Home

Many companies give employees flexible work options including working remotely from home. It is important to maintain a secure environment for your corporate-owned equipment and the tools and information used for your daily work. Being “at home” can give you a sense of safety and comfort that may allow you to ease up on the same basic security procedures you would normally follow in a corporate workspace. Here are five tips for making your home a secure workspace.

Tip Number 1 – While away from your home office, store your computers and other devices out of sight, in a secure location, or at a minimum consider the use of a cable lock to secure your computer to your desk.

Tip Number 2 – Lock your screen when you walk away for a break, especially if you have roommates, pets, or small children that might be able to access to your computer.

Tip Number 3 – Don’t leave passwords or documents with sensitive information on your desk – ever!

Tip Number 4 – Keep all your devices up-to-d


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