Pixel 6 Pro Tips | Best Android 12 Features

This Pixel 6 Pro tips guide runs through some of the best Google features found in Android 12 and also those Pixel 6 exclusives. I’ve already reviewed that brilliant flagship smartphone but here’s a closer look at the software – including camera tools like Magic Eraser, the Game Dashboard gaming menu and the best Android 12 security updates.

Tricks and tools included in this guide range from a closer look at the privacy features to a selection of camera app additions that I really love. Let us know your own Pixel 6 Pro tips down below though, if I missed out any of your favourites.

Gamers finally have a proper ‘Dashboard’ for recording the action, blocking notifications and so on. You can keep track of which Android apps can use your camera and mic, with a heads up when that hardware is active. And I love camera upgrades such as the live translate and Magic Eraser.

Dictation, theme support and adaptive battery features round off a solid set of tools here in Android 12 on the Pixel 6 smartphones. Check out my full review for a closer look at Google’s flagship phones!

Google Pixel 6 & Pro Tips Chapters:
0:00 – Pointless waffle
0:28 – Customisation
1:39 – At A Glance/Always On Display
2:21 – Gestures & One Handed Mode
3:01 – Privacy & Security
5:15 – Game Dashboard
6:11 – Dictation
6:59 – Live Translate
7:40 – Camera tools
8:40 – Battery features
9:43 – Byyyeeeeee

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  1. I bought my 6 Pro based on you reviews and I like it, however, the fingerprint only works 1 or 2 times out of 10 which is shocking… Battery life is actually very good but it takes 2 hours + to charge; nothing to do about it. Many moons ago I absolutely loved my huawei mate 10 pro and since then I struggle to fall in love with any phone I own, that's the truth… :/

  2. Wish the pixel 6 pro had a flat screen. Curved screens were never a good idea not sure why they continue making phones with one.

    Rip anyone playing genshin on mobile lmfao shit is a battery health killer

  3. Live translate has been available in lens for years! I'm sure it's better on the Pixel 6 with the tensor cores, but I've used it for years on my Pixel 4 (and I think even on my Pixel 3 before that). Just got the 6 Pro last night, so I'll have to compare them before I send back my Pixel 4.

  4. 6:35 Does anyone know why on my google keyboard, after I click the microphone, I cant see this rainbow theme but just arrow like it was on the older Pixels?
    Is it only supported for the English language or I missed to switch on any option?

  5. I have a semi related question. When running genshin on the pixel 6 the on board speakers has a static like pop sounds. YouTube and twitch doesn't seem to have that issue. Genshin to a Bluetooth headphones also have no issues. Just when I'm trying it directly on device. Did your pixel 6 or pixel 6 pro experience this?

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