HOW TO take notes on iPad! | Student Tips & Tricks

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1. PRO iPad Setup:
2. Keyboard comparison:
3. iPhone SE:
4. Apple Pencil: Amazon or
5. Log. Crayon: Amazon
6. Black pen: Amazon
7. White pen: Amazon
8. BT Keyboard: Amazon
9. Logitech Review:
10. Logitech link: Amazon
11. Pebble mouse: Amazon
12. Small mouse: Amazon
13. Goodnotes vs Notability:

Apple Made the Perfect Laptop for Students:

iPad Pro College Review!

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  1. When converting Apple Pencil handwritten notes to text in Apple Notes I always get something like an ‘0’ before the text. I’m guessing this is wrong because the videos I’ve watched don’t show this have . Any idea of a fix

  2. The remarkable is a bullshit device u end up buying a 1000 plus dollars add ons just to get the product running similar to an ipad pro plus the pencil im convince ipad pro is the way to go in doing note taking off to apple store…

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