Best PC Laptop for Video Editing? – 7 Video Editing Laptop Tips & Specs

7 tips for finding the best PC laptop for video editing! **** Check out the 4K video editing laptop in this video on Amazon here: (Amazon)

Check out the current version of this HP Pavilion 17.3″ Notebook here(updated for 2019): (Amazon)

Check out this HP Pavilion Video Editing laptop on Amazon here: (Amazon) (You can switch between different pre-customized laptop options including touch screen and non-touch screen models)

(My Travel Camera and Laptop Travel Bag) Think Tank Photo Urban Disguise 60 Classic

My Laptop Specs HP Pavilion 17 Notebook:
* 17.3″ Full HD IPS UWVA Anti-Glare WLED Display (1920 x 1080)
* i7-6700HQ Quad Core Processor
* NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
* 1 TB SSD
* 2 TB 5400rpm Hard Disk Drive (I choose the wrong drive… I should have choosen the 7200rpm version… still edits 4K video fine however)
* 32 GB Ram
** The current links have been updated for 2019 and may not contain the same features.

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In this video, Sean Cannell from THiNK Media TV talks about the best PC laptop for video editing. If you are researching the best 4K laptop or the best PC laptop for video editing – check out this video. This video covers 7 things to look for when considering which laptop to use for video editing. This video also covers video editing laptop requirements and video editing laptop specs — so you’ll know what to look for! We are ambassadors or affiliates for many of the brands we reference on the channel. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Great information. My current HP Pavilion has been cranking for 6 years. This looks like the next step. Oh, and tell me more about those hard drive workflows. Video or website development would be impacted, yes?

  2. Hi, thanks for all your videos. They are all so informative! This video is 4 years old and I am looking for a laptop for vlogging today, 7/2021. Would you be able to give an update on this either thru a video or here in the comments. Thx!

  3. Best laptop like PC tower now …ability custom upgrade cpu ram gpu…need at least 16 or 32 gb ram to video edit only 8gb for gaming basic edit. The market going wrong direction…slimmer does not mean better except weight convenience replace recycle. It's now 2020…recommend hp hybrids 360.

  4. Hi Sean, like the info here, though I am called the tech girl but I always still look for improvement and of course we r learning in this together. Btw I just wanted to say that how you said to keep files in 3 different drives e.g. editing, temp files then the actual videos files, when I personally edit using filmora 9 and unless I have plugged in my external hard drive it then keeps search for the files that’s not on the computer so that way I don’t like this idea because I am afraid the ex. HDD can at some point pack up and then you loose all the files. Although I have actually recently started doing this as my pc needed a bit of space so I have moved all the raw files and the editing that I have already done and uploaded with the temp. Files on to the HDD but what I do is keep all the current editing videos, temp. Raw files in the same folder in the computer itself and when finished editing, only then will I decided to export them to my external HDD for future ref. So what’s your thoughts on that?

  5. Which mac Laptop would you recommend because i want to User final cut pro to edit. And which mac Modell would be best under 1000 or for 1000 euro/Dollar because thats the max that i want to spend. Thank you

  6. Im just starting YouTube, and Im picking up the M50 because of you but I don't know what Laptop to pick up for the video editing …. Im doing beauty and i don't think I need 4k so please tell me what todo im a single mother of two and I have to start or I never will … So im saying im poor so I just need to get by.. (Max $600) if that lol ??

  7. It’s now 2020and my HP is failing me. When I got it four years ago it seemed comparable to the Air, but even whole just syncing photos in Lightroom it shuts down and if I do too much video editing, it’s choppy. What are you recommending in 2020?

  8. I have Acer Aspire 5 A515-51-58EW with 4 Gb DDR4 ram,1 Tb Hdd,Core I5 7200U, Intel HD 620. No dedicated grafics card.
    Can I edit videos on premier pro 2020?
    Did I need to add ram? how much?
    Did I need to add ssd for editing?

  9. Do you have another link to this laptop or maybe another similar laptop that you’d highly recommend?? I need to get a video editing laptop ASAP and don’t know what to get please any recommendations all your links said no results

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