7 Tips for Using Zoom on an iPad or iPhone

Everyone is using ZOOM! And while most folks are using Zoom on their PC or Mac computer, you can download the free app for your iPad or iPhone. Here are 7 tips for using the Zoom app on your iPad or iPhone to make your experience even better!

0:00 Zoom! Zoom!
0:20 Bonus tip
1) 0:29 Giving Permission
2) 1:29 Always MUTE microphone, always turn OFF video
3) 3:24 iPhone “Safe Driving Mode”
4) 4:06 Know when folks join & leave your meeting
5) 4:49 Pick how you listen to the meeting
6) 5:55 You have two cameras to choose from
7) 6:28 Sharing is Caring

Check out the follow-up video: “3 MORE Tips for Using Zoom on an iPad or iPhone”

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  1. Sir ur vedio is of great to help to me but just wanted to know I m facing problem while using website url option please make a vedio on that if possible. Thanks a lot for shooting this vedio.

  2. Even though I’ve been using Zoom for 2 years now, I’ve recently encountered a problem I can’t fix. Perhaps you can assist. When I’m Screen Sharing (iPad mini 2) I like to see the other participants (I’m the Host) alongside the shared screen – in other words a split screen. I was doing this all along until I changed some settings, can’t remember which, and now I see a white & blue screen saying I’m screen sharing and not the participants. Please can you assist?

  3. You never address how to hold the iPad or phone…looking down at it, straight into it, upward toward it, portrait or landscape oriented? Have a client needing to do a TV Zoom interview on her iPad and got asked that question.

  4. Hye may I know is it possible to show your face when sharing screen on zoom using ipad? And how can i see other participants when i share my screen on ipad

  5. I've recently had trouble on my ipad. I joined someone else's meeting from 9-10am and left or it was stopped. But then when I start my own meeting at 10:30, no one comes in and found out they are told I'm in another meeting or preparing something. Can you give advice? Didn't use to happen.

  6. Excellent tutorial. Can you explain please how to write on a document using I pad and apple pencil . And using zoom how to share a live session.

    As in the other video it showed the annotation staying on the screen but in this case i want to solve the answers under the respective questions .ising an exam paper for mathematics.
    Does it require the camera to be focussed on I pad? Or what software would switch between the 2 views. Showing yourself on the screen or showing the workings on the question paper using the I pad and Apple pencil. Thanks

  7. Yeah most people are “sheeples” ?there are much better alternative platforms! Make SURE you go into settings AFTER you accept them accessing your microphone and then it ON as they’re stupid and have it turned OFF before meeting commenced! I’d NEVET give zoom access to my photos ! I’d never use them if I wasn’t forced pretty much due to people not caring to read the privacy terms and conditions OR who actually founded and owns them!!! Are you an affiliate with zoom?

  8. Thank you for this video. I wanted to know if we can see the participants while sharing whiteboard or photo on zoom on an iPad. I can see them on my laptop but not on my phone. Wanted to know about iPad

  9. I want zoom to run in the background while using other apps and seeing the meeting people like on the laptop but i dont think ipad lets you do that

  10. I want zoom to run in the background while using other apps and seeing the meeting people like on the laptop but i dont think ipad lets you do that

  11. Please help. I’ve been using Zoom on my android, I now have an iPhone and my only question is, I want to see myself in the bigger screen like when you see yourself when you’re talking but when I tap on the small picture of myself in the corner it doesn’t do anything. The only time I could see myself in the speaker setting is when I’m actually speaking. Why can’t I do that because that helps me see myself first before speaking but when I tap and nothing happens I can’t. What am I doing wrong.And I am just a participant On zoom.
    I appreciate any help thanks

  12. Hi! A question about Zoom on the iPad vs iPhone: Me not hosting but joining a zoom meeting, is there any possibility to see the host and the other participents at the same time? Not having to swipe to see others? Know what I mean? On my iPhone I can swipe and see like three people (loosing the host in focus). I wish to see us all AND the host if possible. Or is this not possible on an iPad either?
    Thank you so much for your help!

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