5 tips for your NEW Dell XPS laptop

This video right here – I don’t really know what to call it. Here are 5 things I did to the XPS 15 9500 so that it suits me better.
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Written version here!

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  1. Great video! I was wondering if you could externally download Dell Update, SupportAssist, Dell Power Manager, or Dell PremierColor. I got an XPS 9520 and did a clean install of windows 11 because I was having some technical difficulties and did not save any of these applications. Can I somehow get them again?

  2. if you are considering the wifi 6e card replacement on the Dell XPS 15 9500 being described online and in Youtube it wont work because the killer chip is soddered to the board and looks nothing like the one being shown in any of the videos. Which actually sucks…..and is not even mentioned in this video

  3. Great video. HAve thje same laptop as yours. I noticed that if Dell premier color is active on sRGB mode, it has a problem of color bending in darker areas. Have you solved this in any way? I have to use SRGB because its color accurate but the experience is ruined by the color Bending.

  4. I have an issue after uinstalling Waves Maxx Audio my headphones are not recognized and the sound doesnt trasport through them. I wonder if you experienced something similar, if yes do you have a solution? I already tried updating all sound driver, bios driver etc. Nothing helped, if I want to plug in headphones I need to have the Waves app installed.

  5. Hello Nasi! Great work! My XPS 15 9510 keyboard lights don't stay on and instead auto dim after a bit. Is there a way to toggle them to stay on and still be able to turn them off when not needed?

  6. Thanks for great tips, man! Do you have any long-term review of the Dell XPS 13? Have you heard of numerous issues about it? Also, do you think it’s it a good idea to format drive and do Windows clean install right before using it? Thanks!

  7. Great tips on the power manager. How long have you had this laptop? I've been using this XPS for almost a year now since, my only issue is the sleep mode, my laptop just doesn't go to sleep properly, when I close the lid or press the power button (both actions are configured to go to sleep), it seems like my laptop is still running as I notice the fan keeps on running. I thought it was a way for the laptop to cool itself down, but when I wake up the next morning, my laptop fan was still running despite putting it to sleep.

    My worst experience was, after putting the laptop to sleep, sometimes the fan will stop and turn back on after a moment, I did not realise about this and put my laptop inside the bag only to find out that my laptop was already over heating.

    My temp solution is to put the laptop into hibernation instead of sleep. Have you experience this sleep issues?

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