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  1. Hi Ryder, I find it hard to keep the task simple, focused and short and ends up writing lengthy tasks and get tired of dumping out the things in my head instead of refresh afterwards.
    Any advice?

  2. Thank you Ryder! Brilliantly stated – All of the other "pretty" and "artsy" sites are way too overwhelming for me and I would NEVER make a start! Guess what! I have started my Bullet Journal already and have been watching your excellent and mindful videos. You have created a wonderful resource 🙂

  3. Thanks for redirecting to the intentions and personal goals and the beauty of BuJo's simplicity. When it gets out of its essence, things can get overly complicated and ironically mislead us from the intentions made in the first place.

  4. Thank you Ryder. I started 4 years ago and it was transforming, but Covid came along and what with lockdowns, I had nothing to plan as there was nothing to do and nowhere to go! Goals for 2022…..get back to bullet journaling!

  5. Thank you, Ryder! I am in the process of organizing myself to be more "paperless" and use my iPad for notes. Your concept appealed to me because I see a lot of possibilities in this tool. Instead of the way too many other mediums I normally use (post-its, notebooks, napkins…), I am going to start using a bullet journal on my iPad, as I mentioned earlier, and by the way, how about a video about a digital bullet journal? All the best to you, take care and be good!

  6. I really feel like he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Its as if people follow the trends of the aesthetic of the artistic journaling creators but gloss over the simplicity and effectiveness for productivity. The aesthetically pleasing journals are awesome to look at but aren't usually practically for non artistic people. If you want to experiment that's great but don't let the aesthetics take away from the core value and functionality that this system offers.

  7. Wow. This definitely cuts down a lot from other tutorials that I watched, which only ended up intimidating me 'cause of the perfect lines and neat handwriting and super organized layout. Thank you, Ryder!
    I'm about to start the BuJo journey and hopefully get my life back …
    God bless 🙂

  8. What brought me here? How to bullet journal without having to do all that fancy writing and drawing because I can’t do any of that. And looking at everyone else’s on social media gets me both overwhelmed and annoyed

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