12 HEALTHY HABITS & TIPS | change your life + feel better long term

These life-changing healthy habits will boost your immune system, your overall wellness and will help you feel better long term. Sure, they might seem simple, but the results truly add up over time. Trust me on this one.

A healthy lifestyle is rooted in small, sustainable changes, rather than drastic changes and hacks. Healthy eating and self-care take center stage, along with quality sleep and stress management. So if you want to change your life for the better, start with these 12 healthy habits! And check out the hundreds of healthy recipes on my website.

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  1. Here you go! You've been requesting a healthy habits video for a long time. 😉 I'd love to hear in the comments below any additional healthy habits that have helped YOU on your wellness journey. And don't forget to pop over to IG and our private FB group (linked in the video description), where we'll continue the discussion! xo – Lisa

  2. A healthy body is one that is in good physical, emotional and mental health. Our health is more valuable than anything else we have. Revivify products it is a secret of a happy man.

  3. I have scoliosis and muscle spasms too and I was born with the scoliosis and it just came out in 2017 and it’s very hard to do anything anymore because of it too but I am in PT two times a week to help me out with my my problems !!!

  4. Thank you so much for these tips, Lisa! As you say, knowing them is one thing, but they really do make a difference over time, and it truly is the 'simple things' that matter, and have the most impact on us. One can always do with a reminder to be be kind and mindful towards oneself. Thank you so much, and I wish you health, joy, and happiness!

  5. Thank you for health tips !
    Also listening to soothing gospel music , jazz music works for me.
    Bathing warm water before bed gives me a very good night sleep !
    Eating bitter berries in my organic food helps me a lot ! Once in a while taking a bitter aloe vera belly cleanses my colon.
    I switch off my phone before bed time and use dim lighting saw that in your tips. Thank you!
    Forgiving everyone including myself takes all stress away !

  6. Sorry I almost subscribed your channel but when you said “keep healthy snacks near” but your snacks are fruits. Fruits contain too much sugar and no sweetie you can’t snack that many times through out the day. This is why you can’t burn fat bc your insulin keeps spiking up too many times.

  7. I accidentally bumped into your blog tonight looking for overnight oats recipes. What a nice surprise. Your content is fantastic. You have style and organization. It’s lovely and good to see. Them I went to your YouTube channel and I’m subscribing all your plataforms. I’m already a huge fan. Congratulations for the wonderful content editing texting and clean images.

  8. IN AND OUT BURGERS! I love their healthy menu, with no hidden ingredients. Enjoying delicious foods (all things in moderation) is healthy. It's also great to know the company stands for FREEDOM and the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. Tired of draconian shut downs and poison jab mandates? Don't like the WOKE direction of our country? Get a FREE Bible Verse on the wrappers/bags your food comes in. What a great way to start or end your day, with a quick drive through at IN AND OUT BURGERS!

  9. Hi, I enjoyed yr video, first time for me.
    I too am celiac, I must admit that is what caught my attention. Since 2003. I have a question for you, do you have any videos on travel for celiac people such as myself, preparation, if necessary, it's the food thing, really. How best to make sure one stays healthy while travelling hiking biking…touring… that has been a bit of a stickler for me. Any tips you can offer will be valued.

    With thanks,

    Terri K.

  10. I had to make a comment to turn 999 to a thousand ! I have to say that my best habit had been to turn to keto diet one year ago. I would love to slow down on meat, but as I have difficulties to do so, I buy less meat, rarely beef, and only organic, mostly organic chicken or duck.
    Also I try to slow down on alcohol, only during the week end and only at parties …… also cutting down coffee at work and practicing intermittent fasting during the week at the office.

  11. i have a such a stressful life. or i am only thinking that i have a stressful life. sometimes, i just want to leave everything behind me. But then deep breath and start all over again.
    i will make sure to go for a walk outside….the worse part, i still think about home and the problems. How can i just go for a walk with clear mind and not think too much.

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