+100 Photoshop Tips &Tricks You (Probably) Don't Know! | PTH #10

In this episode of the Photoshop Training Hour, you will learn 100 tips, tricks, and techniques you probably don’t know.

This is part 1! Part Two Next week!

This live stream is sponsored by MSI!

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  1. Awesome tutorial Jesus. Really helpful. Since I deal almost exclusively with bird photography was there any video concerning that, or did I miss something? I would really love to know how to change background or switch a wire to a branch or something 'magical' like that. Thanks in advance

  2. I am really not sure what you were doing with the bag one. I'm guessing it's because you had an issue with the save but it made it a little hard to follow. When I tried to copy you it made made two logos shifted slightly away from each other but combined into one layer.

  3. Hi Jesus, just started watching this video and I cannot figure out why I can't sample colors outside of PS like you show. I have PS 2022- version 23.4.1 Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

  4. Just so so happy you have recovered. So sad you were unwell as I just found out today with this video. Great to see your smiling face. I am an Australian who is residing in SERBIA.

  5. Very sorry to hear about your unfortunate accident was it Hemorrhagic or Ischemic stroke, I have a cerebral hemorrhage in my Basal Ganglia from high blood pressure, this occurred in 2014 and am slowly improving and trying to learn Photoshop and Video editing . God Bless you and may he help you make the best recovery possible

  6. So sorry that you had a stroke! Glad you are still around and improving. I saw some of your presentations at Photoshop Sumit 4, so really glad you are still recovering and are with us. I cared for my grandmother after she had a series of strokes, so I know very well how serious and difficult it can be. Wishing you the very best! Thank you again for all of the knowledge you share with us.

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