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Need a new Laptop? This 2018 Laptop Buying Guide features 10 Tips for helping you choose the perfect laptop! Links below:
?HP Stream 14 US: | UK:
?Acer Swift 3 US: | UK:
?HP Pavilion 15 US: | UK:

Upper Mid-Range:
?Dell XPS 13 US: | UK:
?ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe US: | UK:
?Acer Swift 5 US: | UK:

?Macbook Air 2019 – US: | UK:
?Surface Book 2 US: | UK:
?Dell XPS 15 2019 – US: | UK:
?Gigabyte Aero 15 US: | UK:

?HP Omen X Laptop – US: | UK:
?Dell Inspiron 7000 – US: | UK:
?Razer Blade – US: | UK:

?Acer Chromebook 14 US: | UK:
?Google Pixelbook US: | UK:

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  1. I'm also a noob, intensively searching for a new laptop, but what I already learned, is that very much things that look nice to have, aren't important for mist people. Better a good powerful laptop with a good CPU/GPU, bigger battery and enough ports which you use (and in my case also a number pad and webcam) and enough storage, than 4k, 165 (or even more hertz), touch screen, RGB lit keys which give whole 'light shows', 2 in 1, fingerprint reader/ir, dual screen… Most people won't need these things, they only buy it because it looks fancy, but it has consequences on more important things (battery life, weight if it's important, computing power/speed,…).

    The first days I also searched for 2 in 1, until I realized that I can work perfectly with a normal laptop and already have a tablet. And sometimes it can ne nice to have a touch screen, but these laptops are significantly less powerful.

  2. Thanks for this tips sir. Its helps me a lot to choose but sad to say I don't have enough money to buy. These kind of stuff . I'm a freelance graphic editor and i don't have my own laptop now for editing . i need to borrow my friends computer to do some works hehehe. i wish someday i can buy one of these for my clients projects someday ☺☺☺ I note your tips sir. Thanks include me to your prayers ?

  3. Please support your Australian, Taiwanese & Hong Kong friends. DONT buy Made In China! Avoid Dell, MS, Apple,MSI, Lenore. You can buy non Chinese products from Samsung, LG, Gigabyte, Asus etc.

    The Chinese have imprisonment 570,000 Uighurs and out them in labour camps.

  4. hello, i have hp 14s-dq1504sa 14" laptop. Core i5, ram 8 ddr4. And 256 gb ssd. My que is how can i add more storage? As I am grapic students i need more ssd. Can i use external ssd? Or anything else?
    Please replay!!

  5. I want to buy a new laptop for gaming and college work and my budget is between $500 to $1000. Thanks.
    1. 8gb ram
    2. 1TB RAM
    3. Medium sized
    4.300gb SSD
    5. Intel core i5 processor
    6. No Touch screen
    7. 1080p display
    8. 5 to 7 hours battery life

  6. I like your videos.
    Please My hp laptop 250 G7 is not running/loading fast and this easily piss me off.
    What suggestions do you have for me to make the PC run fast and improve on the battery as well.

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