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00:00 Intro,
00:56 Bring a distraction,
01:17 Don’t fly alone,
01:39 Sit in the fwd part of the acft,
02:28 Prevent motion sickness,
03:19 Anti fear training,
04:15 Positive thoughts,
05:02 Achieve small goals,
06:08 Travel stress free,
06:53 Speak with the crew,
08:14 Sedatives/Medication,
09:15 Fear of Flying Seminars,
09:47 Watch my videos,
10:15 Outro

Fear of flying is a fear of being on an airplane, or other flying vehicle, such as a helicopter, while in flight. It is also referred to as flying anxiety, flying phobia, flight phobia, aviophobia, aerophobia, or pteromerhanophobia (although the penultimate also means a fear of drafts or of fresh air).

Acute anxiety caused by flying can be treated with anti-anxiety medication. The condition can be treated with exposure therapy, which works better when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy.

People with fear of flying experience intense, persistent fear or anxiety when they consider flying, as well as during flying. They will avoid flying if they can, and the fear, anxiety, and avoidance cause significant distress and impair their ability to function. Take-off, bad weather, and turbulence appear to be the most anxiety provoking aspects of flying.
The most extreme manifestations can include panic attacks or vomiting at the mere sight or mention of an aircraft or air travel.
Around 60% of people with fear of flying report having some other anxiety disorder.
The causes of flight phobia and the mechanisms by which it is maintained were not well understood as of 2016. It is not clear if it is really one condition; it appears to be heterogenous. It appears that some people get aerophobia from being or having claustrophobia to the small spaces inside the fuselage of the plane or helicopter.

Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
Wishing you all the best!

Your “Captain” Joe

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  1. I am going to go on a 2.30h flight in a month and to be honest I am sh1t scared. Like, slightly panicking and considering buying a train ticket instead. Ive flown many times before, also long flights, and it used to never be a problem for me. Until I flew alone the last two times and sat by the window. The panic just struck and I felt the plane disappearing below my butt. I frantically started playing a game on my phone while crying almost the whole way.

  2. Ich fliege im Oktober von Frankfurt nach New York und kann jetzt schon kaum klar denken wenn ich an den Flug denke. Ich bin vorher schon nach Berlin und Barcelona geflogen, tagsüber zu fliegen war ganz ok aber bei Nacht war es für mich sehr sehr schlimm. Habe krasse Panikattacken bekommen. Ich habe Angst, dass es über dem Ozean starke Turbulenzen gibt oder sowas. Ist sowas üblich auf dieser Strecke?
    Der Flug dauert ca 8 Stunden und ich denke mir in den 8 Stunden kann so viel passieren :/
    Deine Videos helfen mir aber etwas und ich werde mir diese definitiv vor Abreise nochmal anschauen!
    Liebe Grüße!!! ??

  3. I have a fear of flying, because I know to much of all the different things that can go wrong. What gets me through the flying is just repeating words in my head.

  4. I dont care what they say its all bolgna, I hate flying, flying is not safe!!!! and I much rather take a bus or a train, at least I know I will get in one piece to my destination.

  5. Thanks Joe today im flying from Bari to Fiumicino and i was a lil nervous so yeah this video helped me alot. About the gaining confidence on long flights thats 100% true in 2018 i was going from Milan to Miami and 3 hrs into the flight i felt like i was sitting on my couch at home.

  6. I don’t want to be the bad guy but this video starts with a lot of avoidance. I decided to watch this with my flight scheduled for tomorrow where I only have an hour long flight and didn’t want to try and distract myself, I’m on a work trip and must fly alone and had no choice but to select a seat at the back of the plane. Then by number 6 you reference crash videos. Even if your reference for saying that is don’t watch that, why would you bring that up? SMH.

  7. For me, I just had to get over this when I had kids. Can’t show them anything negative on the plane and I just managed to translate that into any flight I take whether they are with me or not.

  8. I wish that I felt any of these suggestions would work for me. I become so incredibly panicked I become unreasonable. Drugs, distractions and any other methods have not worked. Sadly my daughter and family live in Hawaii and I can't even fathom getting on a plane for that flight! ?‍♀️ still interesting video though!

  9. The parts of flying that disturb me when I think about them are how it feels in your ears, and breathability.

    If you live in a big city, you likely ride fast trains through tunnels and on high speed elevators. I normally cover my ears for those few minutes that would otherwise be painful, but I don't think I can do that for hours at a time, right ?

    Also I find it harder to breathe in trains that are 100% sealed in. I immediately breathe normally when the doors are open or if I'm sitting near an open window. My guess is this has to do with HVAC that sucks air in. So I read about pressurization on planes (as well as some high speed trains like Shinkansen, which I've never been on – I'm in the US lmao) and wonder whether it's easy to breathe.

  10. I’ve always had rampant anxiety, but I’ve rode literally probably a hundred+ flights, and only had minimal anxiety during them. Then one day, on our way to Disney world actually (flying into Orlando), the plane had turbulence that I had never seen before. Like it started out as regular turbulence, then all the sudden it got BAD. The drink i was drinking flew in the air, and landed all over me and my sister, and other stuff (like phones and even laptops and ipads) flew out of people’s hands.

    I was so incredibly scared in that moment, my heart was absolutely pounding so fast, every time I step onto a plane I start tearing up, HELP ME??

  11. Hi Joe!

    When I was still a baby, I was afraid that our plane crashed.
    Because, When we went to Guam to Manila in the Philippines, I boarded a Continental Airlines flight. Sometimes I would just Cry because I thought or plane was gonna crash.
    True Story, That was waaaaaaaay long ago.
    But I'm not afraid of flying since growing up

    Thank you Joe! Your vids are awesome! Keep it up mate!

  12. I am scared of flying , big time ! Once i was flying (alone) with a German airline to see my family, we hit a. Big turbulence and i asked a crew member if she can hold my hand just for a sec. (I also have panic attack and at the moment i thought somebody was chocking me) And she just bent her knees and said “awe Im sorry” and stormed off . Thank you. ?

  13. Hi ,I’m about to have a 10 hour flight I’m so scare of turbulence ? can a bad turbulence broke the plane in parts? Are long flight save did they control everything in the plane before departure??

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