WARNING: Avoid These Three KILLER Shooting Mistakes | Basketball Shooting Tips

WARNING: Avoid These Three KILLER Shooting Mistakes | Basketball Shooting Tips

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In today’s video, I give you the three KILLER shooting mistakes player make on their jump shots! These simple shooting mistakes can really hinder a players ability to really score the basketball. By making sure you are avoiding these killer shooting mistakes you are automatically going to give yourself a better opportunity to increase your overall shooting percentage. By implementing these tips into your game you can almost immediately skyrocket your shooting!
My first tip is one that I tell all my players that are serious about taking their scoring and shooting to the next level, and that is “load the ball lower”. Yes, this seems to contradict most traditional shooting instruction, but if we dive into the best shooters in the NBA we notice that all of the elite shooters load the ball lower by their waist or thigh. The common misconception is that it will actually make your shot slower, but in reality, guys like Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard are two of the most elite shooters in the NBA and get their shot off basically whenever they want to. Both of them load the ball lower. So the biggest thing that most players need to focus on is to not set the ball on the shelf. This is something that kills players shooting because of a lack of fluidity and power.
My second pro tip when it come to avoiding these scoring mistakes is keeping your heels up! Heel strikes are one reason why so many players really struggle with getting enough power on their jump shot. Keeping your heels elevated will ultimately help you keep your body ready to explode into your shot while also allowing you to generate as much power as possible. This is something we see a lot of the best shooters in the world implement into their game guys like Stephen Curry and James Harden. The number one reason why they rarely miss short is because they are experts at making sure there is zero loss of power when they shoot keeping everything extremely fluid.
The last shooting tip that really messes up players shooting form is hand behind the ball. The reason why it messes so many players up is that body bio mechanically it’s super hard to do and extremely uncomfortable for most shooters. This one thing can cause a long domino effect that can ultimately cause a ton of other issues in your jumper. My advice to all players is experiment with different hand placement options and find which one works best for you to make sure your jump shot is not only super wet, but also super comfortable. Confidence is something we see in ALL of the great shooter’s the best way to make sure you are a confident shooter is to make sure your shotmechanics are dialed in! So avoid these three killer shooting mistakes, and I promise you will become a lights out shooter in no time!

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  1. regarding the first point: elite shooters do not load from lower because they need the momentum at all. they shoot that way because they need to move as quickly as possible from the triple threat position to a finish. if they went from triple threat to high load, stop there for a second and tzhen shoot, the shot would be too easily contested.

  2. Makes so much sense. Now I know what was meant when they said Pistol Pete got his nickname from shooting from the side of his hip but that was actually helping him… awesome stuff.

  3. I was probably the worst shooter ever before these vids on YouTube. Now my shots go swish from 3 . So happy with my improvement. I went from horrible to pretty good 🙂 . I mean for a guy whose never played basketball. Lol

  4. Hi! I am talking about another video. It is one that you talked about the feet sweep. I can't do this because before I shoot I take a hop allowing me not to do a sweep. Any way I could fix this.

  5. i think these tips are really good for average height or shorter players or for anyone trying to work on getting up their shot a lot faster. I think taller/stronger players probably benefit most from more traditional fundamental shooting.

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