Recovery Compass, Chest Boats & More! ▫ Minecraft 1.19 Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [S2 E111]

The Minecraft Survival Guide Season 2 continues!
In this tutorial, we tie up a few loose ends from Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. We craft a Recovery Compass, which will point to the player’s last death point. We return to the Deep Dark to track down more fragments of the new Music Disc ‘5’. We get hold of a couple more Goat Horns, and finally we take a look at the long-awaited Boat With Chest!

Season 2 world seed: -3821426255058016680

Season 2 of the Minecraft Survival Guide will teach you how to master Survival Mode in Minecraft 1.18 and beyond!

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  1. While I agree that chest boats will be most useful early game (especially if you go after shipwrecks and buried treasure early), I don't think they're totally useless later. Or, rather, I think they have a purpose even if they are useless. What I mean is, in Minecraft, there are a lot of super-efficient ways to do things, but sometimes (and some people) prefer to do things in a way that is cool or feels organic rather than the most efficient. So, for instance, it seems like a lot of people set up their wheat farms to look like real-life fields, which isn't necessarily the most efficient way to do it in game. And I think the chestboat could be really cool if you want to use it as a thematic element–deliberately build parts of your base along the water so you can travel between it via boat. Also, slightly unrelated, I wish we could attach banners to our boats or dye them so that they could be truly customizable.

  2. Pixx I have found this datapack called Mechanization it adds machines just like in modded, I d really like to see you make a series (or a mini one even) about it, it is really underrated.

  3. My guess, as someone who little bit familiar with the code of the game, is that the game from 1.19 and beyond now saves last death position and dimension in the player's NBT, but since you have died only before 1.19 the NBT data about that death wasn't recorded (why would it be, there was no need for that), which is pretty unfortunate, but Mojang obviously can't do anything about it except for time travel

  4. Hello Pixlriffs ; I know this is the survival 'guide'…
    But really when compared to last season, you aren't doing much building? I remember you had built a whole nether spawn, a whole city even!
    And here.. you basically only did a few houses, and a non-finished storage room. And I feel you won't finish the mud factory either at this rate!

    I was wondering if you were thinking of like, trying to build a bit more in your world, to show some people how to make some cool builds?
    I'm mostly there for that myself really.

  5. you can surround the shriekers and then mine it even if the sensors are around, and if there is a shrieker and sensor next to each other, mine the shirker first and the sensor can't send a signal to any around it if you have surrounded then both

  6. Another use for the Chest boat is that it can distribute into 3×3 square of hoppers evenly.

    Combined with the ability to also place the chest boats in minecarts, you now have new, interesting possibilities for item storage and transport.

  7. When I'm exploring ancient cities part of me is being as sneaky as possible yet part of me hopes the warden comes because I love the whole experience of trying to get away. It's fun and scary 😀

  8. I love how they added this feature, meanwhile i spawned j to a world, set up base in an old growth Tiaga, saw a bunch of Azalea trees, got excited think luch cave only too have me digging into the largest clay deposit in game ?….took me four hours of clay infested "lush caves" (which was pretty much pockets of clay or moss two of three glow berries to find the real lush cave miles away???? not to mention the seed if filled with frozen oceans and snow covered deserts?

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