MacBook Pro Touch Bar tips & tricks: How to make it less annoying

Customize the buttons on your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar to make it easier to use and faster to access apps and commands. We walk you through the steps and show off other System Preferences you might want to change.

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MacBook Pro 16-inch:
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  1. Thank you for posting the most useful video! This is definitely something mighty helpful and makes us less fearful of this Touch Bar. Definitely having it work as the classic physical keys is the most helpful way to use it. As long as it's as responsive as the physical keys when it's set up like this, personally it doesn't bother me. That 15"-16" MacBook Pro is too beautiful!

  2. Since everyone is giving their two cents, ill give mine too.
    The touch bar is beyond infuriating to me. I hate having to navigate menus just to do a simple task like turning up the brightness then turning down the volume. The bar also always minimizes itself and wont stay in the normal layout where all the buttons normally would have been. I was excited when i first got my macbook with a touch bar. But it quickly became a nuisance and i realized it was more of a gimmick than anything. So glad they arent doing it anymore.
    Super appreciative of this video to make it less annoying. Thank you

  3. Thank you! ☺ ? ? How can I remove things on the touch bar that annoy me, like when it puts up vast numbers of useless icons for the various tabs open on my browser?? How can I prevent loss of the emoji option that shows me pictures when I type words such as 'cookie'? ?

  4. Happily bumped into your video on using the touch bar on the MacBook pro M1. I was ready to ditch the laptop and go back to my 7 year old MacBook Air. Life is better now.

  5. Unbelievable that it's being discontinued! Touch features (the Touch Bar) are the most liberating thing on a non-touch screen laptop. :0(
    I hope Apple figures out another way to integrate the Touch Bar magic into it's non-touch screen laptop construction.

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