IELTS Speaking Philippines Band 8.5 to 9 Vocabulary and Correction

An IELTS speaking interview, with vocabulary, corrections, feedback, and subtitles Use Cambly app for speaking practice. Get a 15-minute free lesson OR subscribe to any 12-month plan with a 40% discount, with the code: aehelp-yt.
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This video shows a full sample speaking interview between a candidate and examiner through a computer-based interview. Strategies are included to help you get better band scores for this kind of interview setting, make sure to watch the lesson at the end. This playlist teaches important steps for IELTS speaking interview, and tips for what to do to get a band 7 and more. Check out our world-class IELTS prep website at This video is a part of a series that instructs the steps necessary to achieve a high score, between 7 to 9, on the IELTS speaking section question. This series will teach you the skills that will help you to be successful, confident and to reach success on these questions during the speaking interview. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure to practice. Use the subtitles, vocabulary definitions, and captions as necessary to help you comprehend the information. It is important to practice a lot to give full sentence answers which reflect the grammar structure of the questions. Strategies will help with fluent language, natural language, and complex language. Send your answers to Cambly’s lesson challenge to [email protected] Enjoy.


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  1. I have been in Canada for years now as nanny my visa got decline for three consecutive years each time I applied I was frustrated until I meet the legit agent that helps me out I'm now working as a nanny Good luck to you all that want to come over here

  2. I’m planning to take the IELTS next year for Canada. I’ve been using English on everyday basis mostly at work and on my blog writings but I usually get caught off guard whenever I start to have a conversation with unfamiliar people because of my social anxiety lmao. So I could say I’m quite confident with reading, listening and writing but not so much with speaking. Think I need to give it a little more study time lol. Kudos to Tala! She did great here! 🙂

  3. How is it possible to reach such a level of fluency? She maintains a professional tone in her answers and never hesitates or stammers, as if the ideas come right at her. I want to be able to use a wide range of vocabulary like hers someday 🙂

  4. Why are people mocking her accent so much? Most Filipinos speak English properly and despite the pronunciation it has clarity there was in no part of the video where you could not understand her. People feel so smart just by judging the accent and pronunciation but forget the purpose of what they're talking about. I myself am not the best, but it's shameful and ignorant to judge just by how they talk. And let's not forget, English is not even her first language, yet the people judging her only speak English themselves. ?

  5. Wow ✨ She did amazing with her grammar and what's more is that she talked about issues articulately, in a way that would make us ponder over these things and persuades us to make an action. ? I could say, I've fallen in love.

  6. I am someone who automatically develops an accent when speaking English since I mostly speak this language during work and interviews plus years of work in the BPO industry. My clients from my previous project management account can’t even tell that I am someone from outside the US and my current remote technical work with a South American company are also surprised with my accent during the job interview, thinking if I worked outside of PH. I am just wondering if you need a neutral accent with this test since the lady in this video has a very obvious Pinoy but neutral accent which can be easily judged in corporate interviews in the PH but I guess native English speakers are not very strict about. I just developed my accent I guess because I hate being asked by my clients if I am not an American or something because I feel more pressured/annoyed when this happens. Foreigners can also easily tell the Philippine accent. I also tend to speak fast when I do get rattled a little but of course I also avoid the annoying ‘uhhmsss’ lol. I am just very curious to try this test since my sister passed this and all the talks that its hard to pass IELTS haha!

  7. How I wish one day its other way around. Foreigners will take International Filipino Language Test to work and live in Philippines. Philippine government needs to improve our economy first and foremost.

  8. If this is not scripted, she did good in quickly composing her thoughts and expressing it. Needs improvement with her pronunciation (she has a natural native accent, which maybe hard to fix), and the way she deliveries her answers seemed scripted to me.

  9. I doesn't sound 8.5 to me, the grammatical errors, the pronunciations, the memorized answers, the lack of emotions, the wandering eyes, the poor lexical resources. I think that is just a 6 to 6.5.

  10. one day I wish to speak like that since I started learning English I feel my speaking is not the same as before but still I don't have some one to practice with but i started speaking with my self so I hope to get 8.5 or 9

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