IELTS Reading Tips and Common Questions

Find answers to all your questions about IELTS Reading, Academic or General Training. Avoid mistakes and improve your score in IELTS Reading. ☟click to show more☟

00:00 The most common questions about IELTS Reading
00:35 Is it true that the first section may be more difficult than the last?
01:08 Can we switch between sections in IELTS Reading and start with any part we like?
01:48 Can I use the time from one reading section for another reading section, provided I finish the former very quickly?
02:56 Do we get extra time to transfer our answers to the answer sheet or do we have to do that within our 60 minutes?
04:09 Should we attempt all the questions in IELTS Reading or only the ones that we know the answers to?
04:43 Is spelling important?
05:20 Do TRUE-FALSE-NOT GIVEN questions come in order?
06:12 Answers for certain tasks come in order, right? So does the order restart after every task or does it continue from the point where the previous task’s answer stopped?
06:56 Can I write answers in capital letters?
07:18 Can I write on the question sheets?
07:46 Can we answer with just T, F, NG instead of True, False, Not Given?
08:33 Should we include articles in our answers?
09:18 Is it possible to underline keywords in the computer-based test?
09:39 Are we allowed to use Ctrl+F to search for words?
10:08 Can we see remaining seconds if we hover over the clock?
10:38 Do we get a pencil and paper in the computer-based test?
11:02 What are the best preparation materials for the reading part?
12:08 Could you recommend me some materials (books or newspapers) to improve my reading?
13:10 How much should I read on a daily basis?

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IELTS Reading Hack – How to answer questions fast
IELTS Reading Playlist
IELTS Reading Strategies

?Practice computer-based IELTS test –

?What to read (Academic and General Training):
•BBC news –
•The Guardian
For Academic Students:
•Science magazine –
•BBC Science section –

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A Himitsu – Adventures:
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  1. How are you gonna say that now first section is the hardest.not only my experience. Others as well.the frist part is hard as hell.its hard like ielts 8 book tests. Middle section is somewhat easy and thrid part is also hard .

  2. for paper based section for reading do we have to write in Block letters or we can write in the normal manner as i have heard that using capital and small letters while writing makes the answer wrong.

  3. @Fasttrack IELTS
    Hey Asiya
    I was doing General Training Cambridge IELTS 11, reading practice test 3. Answers for 25-27 has no logic even of we paraphrase. Could please help?

    From India ?

  4. Thank u Asiya, great support,
    can u do the same format for writing section?
    One of my questions would be: r we allowed to cross out our mistakes on our blank while writing essays?
    Thank u in advance

  5. I watched many of your videos and i thank you for all the videos that you have created with regards to IELTS…i got my IELTS results today and score 7 after a month preparation… thanks a lot for all these wonderful videos

  6. Hi Asiya, thank you so much for those videos!. I just get my IELTS results and I got a Band 7 !! I had been practicing with your videos for 3 months, so THANKS, YOU'RE THE BEST TEACHER !!

  7. Hi Asiya, I want to share my successful completion of IELTS in ??. Overall band score of 7.5 for general training (L-8.5, R-7.5, W-7.5, S-7) your channel helped alot in my preparation. Thank you, God bless and keep those videos coming ?

  8. Hlo ! Iam so thankful to you just because of you i managed to score overall 7 within 3 weeks of preparation and yes a big thanku as i scored 8 bands in speaking by following your tips.

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