Great Features You May Have Overlooked – Boss GT1000 CORE Tips & Tricks

A deep dive into some great features in the Boss GT 1000 & CORE that you may have overlooked. I give a tutorial on how to set them up and tips & tricks to get the most out of your GTK products. The video is divided into chapters so you can easily navigate to what you will find most useful! Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you enjoy this kind of content.

0:00 – Into & Info
1:10 – Input Settings
3:06 – Main & Sub Outputs
5:06 – FX Loops
7:01 – Divider & Mixer
7:40 – Dynamic Control
10:23 – Crossover
11:24 – Knob Assign & Lock
12:33 – ‘Stompboxes’
13:18 – Footswitches & EXP
14:45 – Patch Limits
15:30 – Assign Matrix
16:45 – Wave Pedal
18:50 – Input Dynamics Control
19:12 – 4CM & Beyond
20:04 – Relay Amp Switching
20:56 – Ground Lifts
21:28 – Metronome


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  1. I’d like to to know if the USB connectivity allows it to be used as its own interface. The Katana Air does and I’m pretty impressed with it. Of course, the Katana also has speakers so there’s no need for additional monitors for a simple guitar tracking setup(probably wouldn’t try to mix with it, haha).

  2. Hey guys, you seem really knowledgable, I just decided to go ahead and ask. Anyone of you had to problem that the GT just…sounds so shit? I`ve followed tutorials number by number, downloaded patches, IR`s, tweaked myself (I`m using 4CM and a Roland JC-40, Diezel 4×12 IR) and yet my high gain sounds are so muffled and totally drowned even when practicing in GuitarPro ffs. I mean, it either has to be insanely loud or with so much gain it`s unplayable. On the other hand if I just plug straight into my H&K head, 0 pedals, but the high gain is crystal clear and puncy IMMIDIATELY, without doing anything. At this point, I`ve tried all sorts of thigs, ground lifts, but got nowhere. Thanks, if someone read this all they way lmao

  3. I have the GT-1000 and have been using the expression pedal to control the mixer output channel. So you can make a dirty channel and a clean channel and mix them at will with the expression pedal. Great for songs that build in intensity.

  4. The user interface on this boss unit is trash and super counter-intuitive. It sounds way better and is more powerful than the line 6 hx effects but the user interface on the line 6 units are very intuitive, within a couple weeks of fiddling i had mastered the line 6, and i've had this boss unit for months and still don't understand how to do simple shit on it at all. Still a great product but damn

  5. Oh wow. Mil gracias por tantos aportes, una pregunta, ¿sabes si es posible hacer que el pedal de wha se active cuando mueves el expretion pedal, y se desactive cuando dejas de moverlo?, ¿o es necesario siempre dedicar un switch a activarlo?

  6. great demo! i want to ask if is it possible to set the send/return loops as always on, in order to engage or bypass esternal pedals using they' re own footswitches, pretty much like in a standard pedalboard scenario.
    I plan to buy a gt1000 core to use it as a 2 channel amps with reverbs e some extra effects, but I have two pedals that I really like (dod carcosa and rubberneck) that I wanna include.

  7. Hey man… great video! I just bought one of these and I haven't spent too much time with it yet, so this was really great to see. Would be very interested in any other or new videos that you put out on this unit. Sub'd… Cheers!

  8. There really is a lot of stuff you can play around with in there! It's on my list of wants, just need to get the money together to go ahead and get it…
    Although "knob lock" sounds like some sort of condition that you don't want…

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